Great Britain Denies Backing Biafra

Britain has said it does not support the agitation for the creation of a Biafran nation from Nigeria.

In a statement issued yester­day, the British High Com­mission, Abuja, explained that the position of the UK govern­ment during the civil war was a matter of historical record. “The UK Government’s posi­tion, which reflected the Char­ter of the Organization of Af­rican Unity, was to recognize the borders laid down at Inde­pendence,” the High Commis­sion’s Press & Public Affairs Officer, Joe Abuku said.

“The Biafran War caused great suffering and the UK sup­ported the reconciliation work that followed the conflict. The UK supports the territorial in­tegrity of Nigeria and President Buhari’s commitment to work for a secure and prosperous Nigeria for all Nigerians,” he added.

Credit: SunOnline

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