Boko Haram Suspects Dressed As First Aid Workers Arrested In Zaria

Two suspected members of Boko Haram sect who disguised as members of the Jama’atu Izalatil Bid’a Wa’iqamitis Sunna (JIBWIS) First Aid Group based in Zaria, Kaduna state, ?have been arrested and handed over to the police. Daily Trust reports that the Police Area Commander in charge of Zaria headquarters, Muhammad D.? Shehu, confirmed the arrest and said the suspects will be? transferred to the police state command.

“The first suspect was caught fully dressed in our uniform. Members of our First Aid Group (‘Yan Agaji) have their uniform. Following the military’s advice, we have introduced certain security measures. Through those measures, our members can identify themselves anywhere they meet. This was how we arrested the suspect and handed him over to the police. On investigation, it was discovered that the first suspect was operating under the leadership of one Hassan Mahauci who resides in Maigana, Soba local government. Of recent, the leader of our First Aid Group in Soba local government was matcheted to death. Therefore, the arrest of these suspects made us to believe that it was Boko Haram that killed him. We would continue to be vigilant and we want to advise all religious groups to do the same since Boko Haram have began to infiltrate our First Aid Groups.”he said

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