Real Life Rapunzel Hasn’t Cut Her Hair For 35 Years (PHOTOS)

Going to the hairdressers can sometimes be a chore but one woman doesn’t bother to get her hair cut at all – in fact, she hasn’t bothered in 35 years.

Gu Meiying, 59, has been growing her hair since she was 24-years-old and it has now grown to a staggering 2.52 metres in length.

But Meiying, of the Miao ethnic tribe in Yunna Province, China, isn’t being lazy – she believes her hair to be a good luck charm.

She even turned down a £2,000 offer to give up her flowing locks – which are around TWICE her height.

Meiying said: “My hair is a treasure and my totem, my lucky charm.

“I also think that long hair is good for health.

“I will keep growing it and will aim for a Guinness World Record.”

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