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#Pausibility: Vote Of No Conscience.


Happy Independence Anniversary my people.

Exactly 30days ago, I embarked on a blogging hibernation. Though I did not envisage the break will last this long. I had thought the ministers would have been announced in September as promised by the Presidency. Though #TheList came on the last day of September after the weekly recess by the National Assembly had been announced.

Last night, I got a call from a very good friend. He had applied just like many other Nigerians for the DV Visa Lottery about four years ago, but last night he got an e-mail that he won. He was so convinced because the message chronicled his data just as he had filled in the form. My friend was excited as I could tell from his voice. I told him to forward the mail to me even though I already registered my consternation, “it can be nothing but a scam”, I said: a big one it is when I spotted the charade after I got the mail. My friend did not see the lapses as he already allowed his excitement to becloud his reasoning.

My friend is a graduate and has many years of experience in corporate Nigeria. But when we allow our longing for miracles to be crux of our existence, then we become easy preys to the man on the pulpit, podium and in the turban.

The action of my friend jolted me out of hibernation. Nigerians (masses) are worse off from the dearth of quality leadership in the land, not due to illiteracy but because of the quality of teeming elitist illiterates that are in every corner of the land. Despite our intelligence we allow these thieves to get away with whatever they deem right. No one of us dare challenge them as some of us will dare to rise up in their defence. The other day, I read a celebrity writer preaching that political victory is usually achieved through the hybrid of bad and good guys, therefore the bad guys should be given some cover under the new dispensation. I see that as one of the lamest alibis to be presented for continued reign of impunity. Will that writer allow the continued festering of injuries in his body after surviving an auto crash? Those that are for them are mostly unlettered idiots whom they buy with ‘passing smell’ of crisp naira notes; yet we are lazy to embark on that journey to recall our actions in order to avert these impending consequences.

When I saw Bukky’s rigmarole at responding to the ‘did you and did you not’ of the CCT, and the endorsement he enjoys from his colleagues cum the support of his IMMENSALLY deranged placard carriers, I was not in any way surprised. A chamber that is presided over by a pathological swindler, a chamber whose spokesperson is a serial abuser of womanhood( physically and otherwise), a chamber of paedophiles, forgers, ‘honorable’ thieves, drug peddlers and highest malfeasants in the world. If you expect anything good from that cesspit, then you should check yourself into a medical facility. A conglomeration of people of common vices. They will never organise an emergency meeting to discuss anything of good interest to the general public, but they soon form a quorum when it is the subject of endorsing inhumanness through their vote of no-conscience.


I see no reason why the chamber will not go active immediately #TheList got to them but as it is we will have to wait for “not business as usual” to begin in few hours.

In a chain of corruption, the small thieves will always secure themselves through alliances with the big thieves. The big thieves will always exert themselves in positions as long as the sheepish populace is divided through those indices of tongues, groins and loins. Not until the sheepish populace break the bondage of the quest for cheap avarice, they will continue to suffer at the whims and caprices of these presiding thieves.

Not until we all rise up, march to shout down these thieves and possibly pelt them with eggs they will continue to be at the top of the pyramid. And you know what that means, decadence! That is what the rest of the world will see each time they see a Nigerian.






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