#Pausibility: Tribute To Diezani. Shame on You! Shame on Me!!



There is a poem I composed for SM Afolabi at his passing. For the  2000s kids that only see their seniors carrying what is called National ID Cards, that man was instrumental. It is no disheartening to some of us that every Nigerian project is riddled with one scam or the other. Afolabi happened to be one of the scammers of the National Identity Card project. Enjoy the poem a below:



Mind fluttered

Heart slipped

Eyes reddened

Well of tears

Body wrecked with pains

Hear connotative messages

As your furnace emerge.

Never you live your life

Like this.

You can’t be a better model

If you continue like this.

Truly you made me lose

My identity

You gulped my pockets

You made everyone reeks of your smell

Why the tears?

No! No!! it is no tear of pain

But of great joy

As I watch your last

Burns in furnace.

I used to hide under St Moritz(SM) in my naivety of the potent of arts until I learned that I can claim poetic licence to free myself from the likes of @Govsia who will not get to deliver quality service to their electors instead chose to get busy with pettiness and non-issues. On this occasion of #WorldTeachersDay I will appeal to the non-petty side of the Governor of Ogun state to recall that teacher he summarily dismissed on the issue of mere English composition and also to use his office prerogative of mercy to release the blogger whose bail he frustrated last week. After all, his wife is not being held in the UK like our pretty DAM.

When the news broke last week that Madam Diezani Alison-Madueke has been arrested alongside other four unidentified accomplices we all jumped on the streets celebrating with the same vigour we celebrated the death of the greatest wolf that ever lived in Aso Rock (the greatest fox that ever lived in Aso Rock now lives in Minna). Spontaneously, I joined in that celebration too but on a closer look I see that I have no shame just as Diezani and the rest of us.

“How can a sane human being STEAL that much even to the detriment of herself?” is the popular rhetoric. Just as the rhetoric: She IS mad. Her fontanelle needs to be checked and maybe we should ask her mother if she ever palpated her daughter’s head at all? Madam is brilliant no doubt but I must summon this courage to tell her family that Madam is one of the rarest dark angels lurking between earth and hell and possibly ranking side by side Lucifer himself. And if her family already knows, this is a double confirmation of the quality of their breadwinner. If you want to contest that then I will refer you to visit the bottomless pit of hell and see things yourself.

Good, we are all glad that Ma’am DAM will have to face the consequence(s) of her actions while she sat as the de facto lord of the oil. We express the joys that she would not be able to buy justice at all unlike the cheap rate that it is being sold for in our courts here. We are jubilating that every kobo that she has stolen will be unearthed through ‘sufficient’ forensic audit and will be repatriated to us so that we can use the fund judiciously for the benefits of all. That is a good streak only the likes of Buhari can attain.

But on a closer look, when is the rest of us going to face the consequences of our actions? A country that will do nothing to overhaul her obsolete systems and institutions will always throng up dark angels like the Iboris, Alamieseghas, Diezanis, Akpabios, Sarakis, et al.

A judicial system that an accused can determine the space and the choice of court(s) for his or her trial through the screwing of what some ‘Senior Advocates of Nonsence’ would call lacuna that were provided either by the current sickening constitution or by the rusty writs of the colonial masters that we still gladly refer to as legal codes.

A financial system that would not send red alert on perpetual pilfering of state funds. And a judicial system where someone will steal billions of naira and will walk away as a free man after being properly fined the minutest of the minutest of the minutest fraction of what he embezzled.

A justice system where anyone can walk into a court and secure an ex parte motion making him a nebulous being that MUST not be investigated not to talk of being arrested for whatever crime he/she may have committed.

That is why a man will think because he is the Senate President he can go unruly to a call from a ‘small court’.

That is why a man will build a world class medical centre with public fund then checked himself into another hospital in a foreign land after almost killing someone in his empty’bigmanness’ to simple traffic rule then come back to taunt his people the more with an explanation that he deliberately disobeyed the traffic light because he was rushing to catch up with a plane to travel to his daughter who was studying abroad. Without littlest recourse of shame. Yet his people will hail him forgetting the lifetime sorrow they will be enveloped in because their messiah had stockpiled the bale of dollars that were to be used to give them better life in his bunkers.

That is why…

If you don’t know let me bring it to your notice, Bukky is likely to get immunity before October 21st making him untouchable by any court of the land for the next four years at least.

We have failed to make our institution work in tandem to our present realities.

Shame on you. Shame on me.



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