Ministerial Nomination: Who Is Afraid of Aisha Abubakar?

Sokoto state is in the news for a very wrong reason. There is currently a raging debate going on about the eligibility or not of the Ministerial nominee that Mr. President submitted to the senate for confirmation.

One may think that having a loaded CV, over 20 years professional experience and sterling performance in both the private and public sector is enough for Aisha Abubakar to scale whatever hurdle is required to be scaled for this major appointment, however it seems one needs much more than that in this country in order to be considered suitable.

It is very unfortunate that some people who consider themselves as ‘leaders’ of the people have taken it upon themselves to ensure that this nominee does not scale through at the Senate at all cost, for reasons best known to them. These people are so scared that finally someone, a woman for that matter is coming from nowhere to change the status quo.

Aisha Abubakar is a living nightmare to these people, she represents everything they love to hate because she possesses everything they wish to have, which is why they decided to sponsor fake protests and petitions in order to make it look like she is being rejected by her people. They claimed that it is abominable for a woman to lead the people of the Caliphate when it is a known fact that they do more abominable things.

It is so disheartening to read the statements released by both the so called “Concerned women” of Sokoto and the APC Sokoto chapter that the primary reason they are rejecting Aisha is because she is not known to them, and has never worked or lived in Sokoto state. What these mischievous people are deliberately creating in the minds of the people is a bias against hardworking and successful people of Sokoto origin who do not reside in the State. In a country where states are still struggling with issues of indigenes and settlers, I think it is rather unfortunate that some people will try to further divide us by bringing this laughable criteria in determining who gets what at the Federal level.

The fight for Change in Nigeria did not happen solely because of APC as a party or members of the APC alone, rather it was as a result of a collective unity of purpose and hard work of millions of well meaning Nigerians including myself, who played our role in ensuring that the last non performing government was voted out. It is a well known fact that many hitherto unpopular candidates rode to victory solely on the back of President Buhari. It is therefore not an excuse, and very selfish of the APC chapter in Sokoto to say that one’s participation in politics is more important than competence. These people see political appointment as a compensation, and wish to rubbish the CHANGE we fought for. We did not stand in the hot sun to vote PDP out just so we can continue to do things the old way.

Mr. President has a right to choose whoever he wishes to work with as long as the person is qualified. I therefore urge him to disregard what these retrogressive people are trying to bring up. He does not need the “Concerned women of Sokoto”, the Governor or the party chapter to dictate to him. He belongs to everybody and belongs to nobody.

Long live Nigeria, Long live Sokoto State. Chanji Dole.

Faridah U. Maidamma tweets via @faridah_m

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