Lagos Building Collapse Survivors Narrate How They Escaped Death

Alhaja Fatimo Ishola from Buku Chieftancy family of Oshodi, is lucky to be alive. But her mother, Alhaja Mistura Hamomodu, the 85-year-old woman who was rescued alongside four others was not so lucky. She died hours after she was rushed to the Lagos Island General Hospital. They were both residents of the ill-fated three-storey building located at No. 87 Odunfa Street, which collapsed on Wednesday, trapping many occupants.

According to Alhaja Ishola who disclosed that she was bathing when the incident occurred, the house had been showing signs of defect, adding that her attention was called to a crack on one side of the wall before it collapsed.

Recalling how she found herself trapped under a pillar, she said that after a neighbour called her attention to the crack, she decided to have a bath and leave the house.

“Just as I made to pick my towel, I heard a loud noise and saw myself going under. Everywhere instantly became dark and I was covered with dust. I couldn’t breathe and I realised I was trapped by a pillar. At a point, I gave up and called to God to save me. It was at that point I remembered that my old mother was asleep when the incident happened.”

She said she was able to crawl out of the rubble while her mother was also rescued alive. But the woman later died at the hospital. Ishola, the only child of the deceased, blamed the death of her mother on negligence on the part of nurses and doctors at the Lagos Island Hospital.

Credit: SunOnline

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