French Train Attack Hero Stabbed Multiple Times In A Bar Fight

Spencer Stone, one of the men who foiled a terror attack on a Paris-bound train in August, was seriously injured after being stabbed four times in the chest near a gay bar in downtown Sacramento early Thursday morning
Police in Sacramento are searching for two Asian men after hero US airman Spencer Stone was knifed during a fight on a night out with friends in Sacramento.
He suffered a collapsed lung and was being treated in an intensive care unit – but is expected to survive. A 24-year-old woman also suffered minor injuries during the confrontation.
The new video shows the men approaching a vehicle that pulled up on the street. The pair then get in before the car drives off.
His father Brian Stone, the airman’s father, told People magazine:

‘He’s out of surgery and doing well. He’s been upgraded so no longer critical and it looks like he’s going to be okay. All I can say is that this world is not short of idiots.’

A shocking clip of the brawl has also emerged, showing Stone fighting off a group of three men on his own and lunging at them while others attempt to break up them up.
An attacker then appears to pull out a sharp instrument and stab Stone. His shirt appears to turn a dark shade of red as he stumbles away and his attackers disperse from the scene.
A source told the Sacramento Bee that Stone was with three female friends and one male friend and had just left the gay bar Badlands when the attack occurred.
Police are now looking for two adult Asian males who fled in a dark Toyota Camry. In a news conference on Thursday they repeatedly stressed that the incident was not a terrorist act or a hate crime.
Cops have said the attack was not terrorist related and may have been caused by alcohol.
Stone was taken to the UC Davis Medical Center where he is being treated for the serious injuries he received during the assault.
Initially police did not believe that Stone would be able to survive his injuries but he’s now in stable condition.

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