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Malam Nasir El-Rufai has watched with consternation the misrepresentation of the comments he made during the question and answer segment of the Kaduna State Government Town Hall meeting of Saturday, 17 October 2015.

These monthly meetings reflect Malam El-Rufai’s strong belief in engagement with the public; to report on the government’s activities and plans and obtain feedback, criticisms and comment.

As the video clip clearly shows, El-Rufai did not ask any one to die. Not over appointments or anything. He was emphatic about the need for frank talk, explaining that:

“All of us in the Kaduna State Government have sworn with the Quran; Christians with the Holy Bible to do justice and we will do justice.

“We better stand and tell ourselves the truth. Everyone knows the truth. No matter the noise, the truth is constant. And as I stand here, no matter who you are, I will face you and tell you the truth. If you don’t want to hear the truth, you can climb Kufena Hills and jump.”

Only the reporter of one newspaper, the Sunday Vanguard, inserted the word “die” into what was an avalanche of fabrication dressed as a direct quote. Malam El-Rufai addressed the audience largely in Hausa, but translation into English cannot be a cover for fabrication.

We have therefore written to Vanguard to seek a retraction and suitable apology. Their reporter was not even at the event, although he has been fervent in trying to use his “stories” as a vehicle for his prejudices, in a state like Kaduna that has suffered terribly from incitement and reckless passions.

Everyone knows that Malam El-Rufai is frank and forthright in his views. But even a man of strong opinions deserves accurate reportage.

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