Busayo Coker: Lethal Weapons

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”

DMX Lethal Weapon IV

A strange truth as all profoundly true statements are

The notion of the absurdity of the statement in itself terrifies

One truth you would expect a lie in a nation

Even one ruled by thugs and tyrants

In a democracy an anomaly

Yet this is true

Truer with extortionist manning check points

Trained men, with egunje as their sole motive

Trigger happy, conscience seared with hot iron

Death holds no meaning

Life is for a few dollars more

Ruled by kickbacks and nepotism

Superior beings clothed , the devil in black black

Human in heart blackened

Pots of Mormon

Dirges we still sing for you

Suckling plucked from her mother’s breast

Mother died not willing, she gave her life once for her suckling

She got back a gift

Her life now she lost, her gift she lost

Hippocrates oath mere words

Life holds no value

Emergency services mere words

Nothing all is nothing

We bid you sleep in peace

Black is death.

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