Woman Allegedly Killed Her Infant Daughter, Kept Her Body For Months

Christina Colantonio, 28, has been charged with second-degree murder after police found her baby’s dead body in her apartment. It is believed that Colantonio, who was living alone in the Batavia, New York, apartment, killed her daughter shortly after she was born three months ago.

According to The Daily News, police responded to a call from an acquaintance of Colantonio’s reporting a “suspicious condition” at Colantonio’s apartment. “Batavia police detectives were able to determine that the child was born at home and that [Colantonio] kept the deceased infant there for a prolonged period of time,” Detective Sgt. Todd Crossett confirmed at a press conference Sunday night. Colantonio has since been held at a nearby jail without bail.

 Though coroners have not confirmed the official cause of the infant’s death, the Associated Press reports investigators have enough evidence to conclude the death was “intentionally caused.” Colantonio has two other children who were not at the apartment at the time the body was discovered, and neighbors told The Daily News she looked pregnant when she was removed from her home.

Crossett said the officers who discovered the baby’s body are currently being offered counseling: “It’s not something you see on a regular basis.”


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