Man Brutally Kills Girlfriend For Screaming Her Ex’s Name During Sex

A 24 year old man identified as Fidel Lopez has been arrested of killing his girlfriend after she screamed her ex-husband’s name twice during sex, The 24-year-old brutally murdered his girlfriend Maria Nemeth by cutting open her stomach, disemboweling her by ripping out her intestines and ovaries before shoving a hair iron into her body. Her crime was that in the height of sexual pleasure she mistakenly called out the name of her ex-husband twice during sex.

Police officers were called to Lopez’s apartment early Sunday morning after he called 911 to say that his girlfriend was having trouble breathing and was going to die. When officers arrived, they found the naked body of Maria Nemeth on the bathroom floor next to a large amount of blood.

[Warning: This article contains graphic details that some readers may find disturbing.]

According to the police report, there were “several chunks of bloody tissue on the floor inside the closet.” Police said the closet door had been ripped out and was on the hallway floor, and there were holes in the dry wall. Police said the rear sliding glass door was shattered.

During an interview with detectives, Lopez said that he and Nemeth were drinking tequila inside his apartment when they began to have “rough sex.” He said Nemeth asked him to put a beer bottle and his fist inside her vagina, saying that it was her idea and that she enjoyed it, the report said.

Lopez said Nemeth then went into the bathroom to vomit, and he later found her having trouble breathing, so he called 911, the report said.

Detectives said Lopez later admitted that Nemeth “became very intoxicated” and they ended up inside the closet, where they started to have sex. It was during sex that Nemeth said the name of her ex-husband twice, enraging Lopez, detectives said.

Lopez began to break things throughout the apartment, shattering the sliding glass door and punching holes in the wall, detectives said. He then returned to the closet, where Nemeth was lying unconscious, and “began to insert several items into (her),” the report said. Among the items noted in the report are a beer bottle and a flat iron.

Detectives said Lopez gave them a graphic description of how he stuck his arm inside her vagina and anus “all the way up to his elbow,” causing her to bleed. Lopez admitted to ripping internal tissue out of her, including intestinal matter, detectives said.

In the report, Lopez told detectives that he became a “monster.”

Lopez said he carried Nemeth to the bathroom and tried to put water on her face to wake her up, but she never regained consciousness, the report said. Lopez then washed the blood off his hands in the bathroom sink, went outside to smoke a cigarette and then began to panic, taking items from the closet to cover up the bloody tissue, the report said.

When he returned to the bathroom to check on Nemeth, Lopez noticed that she wasn’t breathing, so he decided to call 911, detectives said Lopez told them.

Nemeth worked in the leasing office at the Colonnade Residences, where her body was found.

“We’re devastated,” neighbor Dan Carter told Local 10. “There’s a black cloud hanging over this apartment complex. Now the neighbors are sad. It’s a horrible loss.”

Lopez is being held without bond at the main Broward County jail.

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