Law School Whizkid Writes A Book On Academic Success

Jumping from the back of the pack right into the academic front line is possible, according to Uzoma Ikechukwu, the 26-year old lawyer who knows. And it’s all from experience: Uzoma hit a first class at the Nigerian Law School, Lagos, in 2014, a year recorded to have produced the worst result since the establishment of the school. The general report was that the failure rate for that year was unprecedented, but right in the centre of that bad news, Ikechukwu excelled.

One year later, he has authored a gripping book detailing the choices he made that determined the class of degree he graduated with. In Resplendent Reminiscences, Ikechukwu reveals that high academic grades aren’t as much about talent as they are about personal discipline and the willingness to keep pushing, every day, until the aim is achieved.

The book is a 110 page memoir of the author’s experience at the Nigerian Law School, with some insight into his background and the institutions that made him.

The Eight chapter book opens with a brief insight into his family background and further reveals the virtues he was exposed to at home and in church that helped the formation of his character. The book further reveals the role good schools and internships played in his success at the law school. It closes with an account of a bosom friend of his expressing his observation of Ikechukwu during their law school year.

Resplendent R

Set to be released on Saturday, September 5th, Resplendent Reminiscences is designed to inspire current and intending students of the Nigerian Law School, as well as students generally and make them understand that success can still be achieved through being studious, hardworking and determined. It supports the notion that lasting success thrives on integrity and moral rectitude and reveals the role God plays in distinguishing one from the others.

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