Woman Throws Birthday Party For Her Cat, Also Her Best Friend (PHOTO)

A San Francisco-based photographer Kira Stackhouse‘s cat Ponette recently turned 15, she threw her a quince so cute, the photos might just make you want to do yours over again. (Ha, JK, you couldn’t pay me to be 15 again if my life depended on it.)

 “Ponette turned 15 this year, and since she is my very best friend, I felt that she was very well-deserving of a very memorable party,” Stackhouse told via email. “Ponette has really blossomed in the past few years and 15 is quite an accomplishment, so a quinceañera seemed like the perfect way to celebrate!”

Stackhouse researched quinceañera dresses for months until she achieved the perfect design for Ponette’s quince dress. And not only did she sew the entire dress, but she also designed custom jewelry for Ponette.


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