Unbelievable! Japanese Develop Car Small Enough To Be Carried In a Handbag

For commuters that have to rush for a parking space in downtown areas every day, a miniature transporter recently unveiled in Japan may bring some relief.

A Japanese company has developed a portable car which is small enough to fit in a backpack, and thus claimed by its developers as the first “car in a bag” in the world.

The lithium battery-powered “WalkCar,” made from aluminum, is only with the size of a laptop and weighs between two and three kilograms, according to Reuters.

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Its developers, Japanese engineer Kuniako Saito and his team at Cocoa Motors, said the transporter is actually stronger than it looks, and can take loads of up to 120kg.

After a three-hour charge, the WalkCar can run up to 12 kilometers with a top speed of ten kilometers per hour. To change directions, the user only needs to shift their weight, said the designers.

The portable car will launch later this year on the fundraising site Kickstarter. If successful, it’s expected to begin shipping next year, with a price tag of about 800 US dollars.

The creative ride has been praised by many people online but others have stated that it has more resemblance to a powered skateboard than a car.

Credit: CCTV

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