The Kardashians Allegedly Turn Their Backs On Caitlyn Jenner

During ‘I Am Cait’, both Kim, 34, and Khloe, 31, criticised the 65-year-old for ‘bashing’ Kris Jenner in her Vanity Fair interview.

Now, sources who are apparently close to the family have told Us Weekly that the Kardashians are feeling frosty towards Caitlyn.

The sources reckon: “There’s not a lot of love for Caitlyn.

“Vanity Fair was the start of the downfall. It came out and they looked like idiots, they first saw the article on Twitter!“The Kardashians were furious once they realized she took jabs at Kris, a lot of times she wasn’t very nice. They are so incensed that they may be done with Caitlyn for good. Everyone has turned their backs on her.”

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