Teenager Dies Of ‘Too Much Excitement’ After Celebrating End Of Exams

A teenager has died from an overdose after his friends clubbed together to buy ecstasy to celebrate the end of exams, a coroner heard. Toby Fairclough suffered a cardiac arrest on playing fields in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire after taking a lethal dose of MDMA.

The student of Akeley Wood School was rushed to Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where he later died.

An inquest heard the 17-year-old had chipped in some money with friends to buy a gram of MDMA – known most commonly as ecstasy, which he swallowed and mixed in his drink.

Toby and the group of teens had then headed down to a paddock about 200 yards away from his friend’s house which was out of the view of any adults, on the night of May 22
Friends described seeing the schoolboy jumping around and talking very quickly, but said he was still able to hold a conversation with others.
As the night progressed, he lay on the grass twitching, apparently hallucinating and talking to himself before he became unresponsive and started snoring loudly.
He was put in the recovery position and given blankets to keep him warm but when his breathing suddenly became very shallow at half past midnight, his friends called an ambulance.
Detective Sergeant Simon Johnson of Thames Valley Police Force CID told the inquest:

‘Paramedics arrived on scene but had already instructed Toby’s friends to carry out CPR.

‘He was then taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury, by stretcher but was pronounced dead at 1:45am having arrived at 1:39.

‘No police procedures have been carried out in relation to the death.’

A post mortem examination carried out by Dr Narendra Mungalsingh revealed that the level of MDMA in Toby’s system was very high and was significantly above the typical recreational dose.
The level of the drug was in the fatal range, and the cause of death was recorded as an MDMA over dose.
Source: Mail Online

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