Olabode Emmanuel Olawumi: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Homeless Prank, 7 Major Life Lessons Learnt

Real Madrid superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo has just won himself a new fan. I was surfing the internet some minutes ago, when I came across a headline: ‘Cristiano Ronaldo dresses up as a homeless man & pranks Madrid with his football skills’ (LIB),  I quickly clicked the link to find out what it was all about.
Upon viewing the video, I was stunned as I watched one of the world’s greatest footballers disguise as a homeless person. The video which was meant to prank Real Madrid public showed the Ballon d’Or holder display his freestyle tricks.
Concealing his identity, the Portugal star, showed off his skills, interacting with passers by. He hoped to find someone join him in his little fun. He was ignored (most of us would have). One passing pretty lady even rejected Ronaldo’s request for her number (quite sad).
Finally, a lad passing by joined the Potrugese star. ‘Show me what you’ve got’, Ronaldo told the young boy. We briefly Ronaldo display his dribbling skills before the young boy.  C.Ronaldo eventully strips off his disguise and presents the ball to the child, after signing his autograph. Afterwards, we see crowds flock around the star for pictures. The once beardless man who was initially ignored transitioned into the celebrity everyone wanted to get a glimpse of. What an irony of life!
I really do not care, if the video is for promotional purpose or not. What is certain is that, embedded in that video are real life lessons that everyone must take note of.
1) The world is full of fake people
The world is full of fake people who are not interested in the neighbour next door. We all are guilty of paying more attention to people who are in the limelight. Our hypocritical nature makes us go all the way to please people we consider celebrities and ignore the common man craving our attention. Some of us do not even know the name of our driver’s first son, or the name of our nanny. Most times, we call them, ‘Baba’ or ‘Mama’. Nobody recognizes you when you are a nobody.  The attention you get from people is all fake! At the end of the day, you are alone in your world
2) People only come to you for what you have to offer them
I have a lot of friends who are celebrities and I have witnessed first hand, the kind of attention they get from fans. These people are used to everyone coming to them for one need or the other. ‘Ha. Oga mi (My Oga), my father just passed away. I am going to the village for burial. Show your guy some love.’ ‘Hey boss! Na u we dey see for TV na. Drop something for the boys. I know sey you no break traffic rule.’
We all heard when Nigeria’s immediate past President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan cried out during his last days in office that he knows that he will no longer have so many friends anymore once he steps out out of office.
Reuben Abati, a spokemn to President Goodluck Jonathan, in a recent article titled ‘The phones no longer ring’ wrote: ” Today, the phones remain loudly silent, with the exception of calls from those friends who are not gloating, who have been offering words of commendation and support. They include childhood friends, former colleagues,elderly associates, fans, and family members. And those who want interviews with President Jonathan, both local and international – they want his reaction on every development, so many of them from every part of the planet. But he is resting and he has asked me to say he is not ready yet to say anything. It is truly, a different moment, and indeed, “no condition is permanent.”
3) Do not look down on anyone
I have read different books and I have attended several seminars where they butressed the point that DO NOT LOOK DOWN ON ANYONE. You never can tell who is who. I have heard lots of interesting stories of people getting their dream jobs through the least expected kind of people – the gatemen, the drivers, the janitors and the likes. In our so busy and chaotic life, we tend to only appreciate people we know have something we want. It is not a bad idea to be objectively nice. Be good to everyone. Do something for someone who cannot repay you. Who knows, that person could be your key to unlocking your most important doors in life.
4) You are the most important person in your life. Whatever you choose to do with you is your business
I was once at a stage when the opinion  of everyone around me mattered. I was young, naive and vulnerable. I had to seek the permission of others before I could get anything done. It was really bad. People, being selfish in human nature, will pass negative comments on ideas I share with them. They killed every enthusiasm that had generated within me before I shared such ideas with them. At a point, I decided I was going to make only my opinion count. To hell with whoever is not pleased with my decisions. It was a huge risk but a major milestone for me. When I set out to start an online magazine, some people I looked up to called me names and passed all the pessimistic comments they had in their arsernal. I was not moved. I worked tiredlessly, surrounded myself with positive people, made all the sacrifices I could.  Although, I am yet to see my biggest dreams come true, I can say I am proud of what my team and I have achieved in the last three years. We have the number one Campus magazine in Nigeria –  online and print, an online TV channel and a successful awards event that celebrates outstanding young achievers – youths making impact accross the country. If I had listened to naysayers then, maybe none of these would have ever come to life. Do not forget that the most important person in your life is you. You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.
5) Love comes with benefits
Well, I am aware that many people despise the phrase, ‘Friends with benefits’. They often relate it with sex. Anyways, we all are entitled to our opinion. Whichever way you decide to term it, I indomitably belief that all relationships boil down to ‘Friends with benefits’. For Christ’s sake, why will you be my friend without adding value to me. I know what I bear and I will not be a blessing to you and watch you add value to my life. Satan be gone! Sweethearts, love comes with benefits.  Life is all about mutual benefits and partnerships;  being able to understand each other and sort out our differences. Only God’s love is Agape!
6) Always keep an open mind
No matter what you are going through, or what you have gone through. Multiple heartbreaks, loss of close ones, or jobs or other treasures, it is time to let go and keep an open mind. It is not over until it is over!
7) Live life loud!
Yipeee! Live life loud! The message is clear. Enjoy your life. Live responsibly.
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