No. 1 Reason For NOT Finding a Love Relationship (& What You Can Do About It)

“How the hell is it possible that a fabulous person like me, who is very serious about finding a committed relationship – hasn’t found one, yet?”

How could this be? It makes no sense. Has the world gone crazy? Is there no God? Does someone need to channel Albert Einstein for an answer? If he can explain thetheory of relativity, maybe he can explain his theory on why you have no honey!

If you’ve been saying to yourself (and your friends, family, street people and anyone within listening range), “I’m tired of being single – when am I going to meet Mr. Right (Miss Right),” the planet Saturn may be trying to contact you with an urgent message.

And…it’s good news! When the planet Saturn transits the 7th House of Relationshipsin your horoscope, it may provide you with the answer to the perplexing question about why you are single and not in a relationship that would rival Romeo and Juliet. (See the end of this article to find out where transiting Saturn is in your birth chart.)

Saturn is affecting you if you’re feeling lonely, with a real “hole in your heart,” because you don’t have a happy love relationship in your life. Its planetary energies can make you depressed about being alone. (Even if you’re in a relationship you may feel like you’re alone, if your needs are not being met by your partner.)

If this is the case, the influences of Saturn can put you in touch with the limitations and restrictions that may be prohibiting you from finding the right relationship. In your attempts to find the right one, something maybe wrong in the way you’ve gone about it; so now is the time to ask yourself what it might be.

Saturn’s presence in your life at this time is to help you re-evaluate changes you might make that would bring you a love relationship. If you spend too much time by yourself (or at work), perhaps it’s time to get out and socialize with others. Why not join a social or professional organization where you can make new connections?

If you’re so critical that no one seems interesting, maybe it’s time a meet different people or reevaluate your standards. Or, maybe it’s time to come to terms with whether you actually want a romantic partner in your life. Saturn is there to encourage some change that will help you get what you want.

If you’ve been dating someone exclusively, seeking a long-term relationship, this can be a serious and intense time of deciding to have a committed love relationship in the form of marriage or living together. Or, it maybe time to be realistic and recognize that you are not in a relationship that will lead to the long-run commitment you want. Saturn’s message: review and re-evaluate your relationships (or lack of).

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