Must A Guy “Toast” A Girl Before They Become An Item?

A quick run through to this question. As time evolves transforming traditions to trends, the most relevant behavior of man, wooing, which enables procreation in the right manner, falls into this spotlight.

We all believe, mostly believe that a man who is attracted to a WOMAN (no Homo), ought to “toast” her first, then her answer or reaction will determine the latter. In other words, a man/woman’s love relationship is dependent on wooing; regardless of who woos who, because girls “toast” in our generation.

With that by the side, an argument claims a man must not woo a woman, or vice versa, to kick start a relationship. Wooing can be seen as an indication of an intention to be exclusively paired with a special person you desire. So we don’t know if a one night stand can qualify as wooing.

Point being, must a guy “Toast” a girl before they become an item?

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