Mother Discovers Neighbour, 55, Abused Her 14-Year Old Daughter For Two Years

William Brown, 55, is pictured draping his arm around Natasha Cooper during her 16th birthday celebrations (centre) before her parents discovered that he was grooming and sexually abusing the teenager while living next door. Brown, a mechanic, became friendly with neighbours Anthony, 47, and Sharon Cooper, 45, when they moved into a three-bedroom property in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, with their daughter Natasha (together inset) and son Joseph.

The family quickly became friends with Brown and his hospital worker wife Dawn and the two families would often throw barbecues and parties together. However, the Coopers later discovered that Brown was using their friendship to groom and sexually abuse their daughter, who was just 14-years-old (pictured right aged 14, wearing one of Brown’s hats) when it began in 2010. Brown went behind his neighbours’ backs and tricked young Natasha into thinking she loved him before having sex with her on four occasions. He has now been jailed for three years, while Natasha, now aged 18 (left), has spoken out about the ordeal after deciding to waive her right to anonymity.

She said: ‘It just started off with holding hands when I was 13 while we were walking the dogs, but after a little while he would kiss me on the cheek, and the on the lips.

‘I really liked him and when I was 14, we had sex for the first time in a field. I knew it was wrong because he was married, but I didn’t care. He was so funny and mature, I fell completely in love with him.

‘In the end, I realised what I had to do, and told the police everything. It broke my heart because I felt like I was betraying Will. But I didn’t want our family to be torn apart anymore.’

Brown’s grooming and sexual abuse was discovered after Mrs Cooper saw her daughter and next-door neighbour close in the garden one night.

She confronted the pair, who both denied it, but pushed her daughter on the matter after Brown joked about not being able to keep his hands off the youngster.

The teenager eventually admitted the sexual activity to her mother, who informed Brown’s wife Dawn.

She said: ‘Dawn refused to believe me and got angry so I showed her the messages.

‘Natasha had begged me not to tell her dad but I couldn’t hide it from him.’

The family then reported Brown to the police, who fled his family home but was found and arrested at his sister’s house in September last year.

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