ISIS Shows New Gold/Silver Coins In New Video

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has come out with plans to mint its own gold and silver coins,which it reveals in its latest video, entitled: “The Rise of the Khilafah and the Return of the Gold Dinar.”

The hour-long video, released on Saturday, which ISIS narrated in English but subtitled in Arabic, began with an extensive analysis on “the capitalist financial system of enslavement, underpinned by a piece of paper called the Federal Reserve dollar note.”

It also highlighted the corruption which it said allowed the American destruction of the monetary system intended by Allah with the production of paper money used to finance oil trade.

The Jerusalem Post, quoting the ISIS narrator regarding the new coins, said the new ISIS currency came in several denominations of silver, gold and copper.

The coins are imprinted with Islamic symbols and “are completely void of human and animal images in accordance with Shariah law.”

The reverse side of one coin shows seven wheat stalks, “representing the blessing of spending in the path of Allah,” the narrator said.

Another coin was imprinted with a map of the world, “representing the extent of territory Mohammad’s reign would reach, including Constantinople, Rome and America,” while another was imprinted with a spear and shield, “showing that the source of provision of Mohammad were from jihad in the name of Allah.”

An ISIS activist was seen on camera walking through the streets, presenting the newly minted coins to shop keepers, armed men and civilians with their smiling children.

The activists explained to the people that the gold coins were worth more than paper money in the bank.

“We are witnessing the return of days, like those during the time of the prophet,” says one shopkeeper, hugging and kissing the ISIS activist.

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