Dinah Adams: How To Make Him Love You!

Truth is… there ain’t no way… If he loves you, he loves you and if him no love you, my dear him no love you!!!

Sorry honeys for that heartbreaking news flash, but reality check; Love in itself is priceless and cannot be purchased with money, Agbani like body, Ekaete cooking skills, not even by being an ace kama sutraist… if there is any word like that.

And as God made it, men are actually a kind of confused as regards to what they want, but I tell you, a guy can never be certain of anything else aside the girl that has his heart.

Let me rephrase in other words, a guy can choose to be unsure of all the things  that concern his entire life but is VERY, VERY, VERY sure of the madam of his heart.

I have seen situations where girls effortlessly strive to “win back his Love” by bringing down heaven and moving mountains #PELE#, and the guy will still sing the “I’ve moved on” song (on replay sef) to the girl.

The honest truth is this, there was no love in the first place. Maybe a mirage of love or the famous lust made him sound like Enrique Iglesias without music, or maybe badoo was just servicing his toasting skills. Point is, girls tend to take them seriously but my dear sisters, if you’ve fallen and eventually realized you’ve entered one chance, kuku respect yourself and leave him alone.

I am lazy by nature and life has taught me not to struggle for anything, which is pretty convenient for me. Words’ out ladies, if he loves you he’ll call you, save your credit; if he needs you he’ll find you and if he Loves you, then you’ll know. Simply tell yourself the truth.


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