Aminu Gamawa, esq.: Who is afraid of the acting INEC Chairperson Hajiya Amina Zakari?

Since her appointment as the acting head of the INEC some special interest groups have been campaigning against Amina Zakari. Why? Because she is a strong, smart and competent woman they cannot control. They prefer someone who is corrupt and loyal to them.

They are not talking about her competence or integrity. They have been care to leave that out because they know there’d be no argument against her integrity and ability that can withstand the values she stands for and her antecedence. They are not asking if she can do the job. They are not asking if she is corrupt or not. They are just attacking her for selfish and mischievous reasons.

Amina Zakari was appointed as adviser by President Obasanjo and then as INEC commissioner by President Jonathan, both are PDP governments. No one complained about those appointments because she was competent and a honest technocrat.

Now Buhari has appointed her as acting Chair of the INEC. PDP, through the increasingly off-point Metuh and Governor Fayose – who gained renewed national prominence for his hate campaign ads against the candidacy of Mohammadu Buhari – are complaining that Buhari has appointed his sister as the INEC chair.

Amina is from Kazaure in Jigawa State. Buhari is from Daura in Katsina State. There is no blood relationship between the two of them, even though Amina’s mother was originally from Daura.

What PDP is saying and doing to Amina Zakari will surely do more harm than good to the party. It will not, however, prevent her from doing her job. We should not fold our arms and watch people like Fayose destroy the career of this lady.

She is strong, smart and competent. That is why I support her.

Watch her interview with Channels TV here, below:

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