@Allsocks_: The Differences between Pantyhose, Tights and Leggings

Recently some folks were arguing over the difference between stockings, leggings, tights and pantyhose after we discussed the ways to prevent pantyhose from tearing online during the #Allsocks Class. If you missed that you can catch up here.


To discuss the peculiarities between these undergarments, it is important to note that though pantyhose can be very nice, they can be quite uncomfortable and very unpractical when worn during extremely humid and hot weather.  During such weather, they trap moisture against your skin apart from causing you to sweat which could lead to discomfort. If you are keen on wearing pantyhose during warm weather, it is advisable to choose ultra-sheer, non-control top hose, since they give the most airflow all day. Pantyhose can be very transparent that it might seem as though a lady is bare skin. That’s a major quality of pantyhose.

Female legs

Female legs

Pantyhose are mostly worn by professional women under dresses and skirts to offices. But of course they can be worn as casuals as well. Pantyhose are made in various colours but thin black see through is the most common.


Another difference with pantyhose is that it tends to present a more elegant and polished look from tights or even leggings. Pantyhose always provide close fitting covering the body from feet up to the waist. This close fitting ensures that pantyhose is unable to provide convenience of easy removal most especially when answering the call of nature. Pantyhose always come in different styles such as fishnet, patterns, colours and opacity.


Stockings are usually made from cotton, linen, wool, nylon or silk, while pantyhose are made from delicate nylon fabric. Stocking generally refers to any leg garments, including socks and thigh. Stockings come in two, as a pair, while pantyhose come in one piece. That’s a striking difference between pantyhose and stockings.


Tights are a little transparent and thicker than pantyhose. Tights tend to be mistaken for pantyhose because they almost have the same feel, though they are actually different. Tights are not leggings. They are different in the sense that tights are not designed to be worn alone without a top. They must be worn under a dress.


Leggings extend from waist to ankles; and are made from lycra, nylon, cotton, wool, silk, cotton-polyester blend and other synthetic fabrics.



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