4 Colors You Should Avoid Wearing As A Wedding Guest

Let’s Start With the Obvious
Itching to wear a gorgeous white dress you just purchased? Put it back in your closet ASAP. While it may sound like the number one wedding-guest faux pas that everyone should know, some people forget it or ignore the rule and show up in a pearly white dress.

A Color Close to White
Off-white, beige, champagne, cream, or any other super light color that could be mistaken for white when the lights are dim and the people around you are toasting drink number three.

The Color the Bridesmaids Are Wearing
If you’re close with the bride, ask her for a heads up on what color the bridesmaid dresses are. That way, you won’t look like you’re trying to be a third-wheel to the wedding party by wearing a different style mint green dress than the other girls in the bridal party.

Glitter, Glitter, Glitter Everywhere
Save the sparkles for the bachelorette party or another Saturday night on the town. Avoid wearing anything too shimmering or distracting. All eyes should be on the bride and your disco ball looking dress may ruin her big moment to shine.


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