Woman Who Accused Bill Clinton Of Sexual Harassment Launches Anti-Hillary Website

A woman who has claimed she was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton during his presidency in 1993 is going after his wife with a website chronicling ‘a scandal a day’ – and she’s looking for more sex-harassment victims.

Kathleen Willey testified in a lawsuit brought by Paula Jones against the former president that he groped her and kissed her in a small room near the Oval Office. The Clintons and their lawyers disputed that claim.

But now Willey says Hillary Clinton is ‘the most corrupt human being, the most corrupt politician
that this nation has ever seen, man or woman.’

She’s working overtime to remind Americans – and to teach young voters who weren’t yet born in 1993 – of her husband’s reputation as a legendary lothario.

Kathleen Willey

Willey told radio host Aaron Klein on Sunday that ‘in light of what’s happened with Bill Cosby,’ she plans to use her website to search for more women who might make sex-harassment claims against the former president.

‘If you or any one you know has been harassed, sexually harassed, assaulted or intimidated by Bill Clinton, please send your name and email address and you can be assured that your anonymity will be ensured … and we will make sure that you are safe,’ she said the language will read.

Willey’s claims about her treatment by Bill Clinton gained credibility in the late 1990s when Linda Tripp, a key figure in the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal that nearly cost him the presidency, said in a televised interview that she had seen Willey leave the Oval Office ‘disheveled. Her face [was] red and her lipstick was off.’

But later, the Clintons and their lawyers released a series of friendly letters from Willey to the then-president, in which she seemed friendly and accommodating.

In 2000 a federal judge ruled that Bill Clinton had ‘committed a criminal violation’ of the federal Privacy Act by releasing those letters.

Willey told her version of the White House encounter on ’60 Minutes’ in 1998, recalling how the then-president had embraced her tightly, kissed her on the mouth, fondled her breast and put her hand on his private parts.

‘I just remember thinking, “What in the world is he doing?”‘ she said during the CBS interview. ‘I was just startled.’

‘I thought, “Well, maybe I ought to give him a good slap across the face.” And then I thought, “I don’t think you can slap the president of the United States like that.”‘

Willey is not the only woman from Bill Clinton’s early years to cast Hillary in the role of sex-abuse enabler.

Paula Jones sued him in 1994 for sexual harassment after an incident in an Arkansas hotel room three years earlier. She told last month that Bill’s attitude toward women should disqualify him from re-entering the White House and Hillary’s ‘lies’ should rule her out of working in the Oval Office.

‘There is no way that she did not know what was going on, that women were being abused and accosted by her husband,’ Jones said. ‘They have both lied.’

Her lawsuit led to Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky being uncovered, and ultimately started the ball rolling toward his impeachment.

Willey, a onetime White House volunteer who co-founded ‘Virginians for Clinton,’ wrote a book in 2007 titled ‘Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton.’

She said Sunday that while she was working on the book, other women contacted her with horror stories similar to her own.

But they ‘were afraid to talk to me because they were afraid my phone was being tapped,’ she said.

‘They didn’t give me their names. They gave me incidences, time, places, where things happened and what happened. And frankly I was pretty horrified by some of the things they told me. And they were scared to death of Hillary Clinton. And I don’t blame them. She is the one that everybody should be scared of,’ she said. ‘All of these women!’

Speaking of her online ‘a scandal a day’ project, Willey told Klein that:

 ‘the Clintons have made it extremely easy for me. I don’t have to do a lot of research, because it’s not just a scandal a day. It’s about two or three scandals a day.

So what I’m doing is kind of a compilation of these scandals and explaining them in simple terms so most people can understand what’s going on, and what they’re up to and why they are lying every day.’

A Clinton campaign spokesperson did not respond to a phone message seeking comment, DailyMail reports,

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