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When an institution is faced with constant decline in infrastructural development, the leadership seat of such an institution should be declared vacant. Kogi State which was created in 1991 presently lacks sincere and competent leadership that the state truly deserves. The present administration of Capt. Idris Wada has shown clearly that it doesn’t have what it takes to at least maintain the height of development and infrastructure it met, let alone better the economic fortunes of the state. It will be foolhardy to think, assume or expect that a failed government would suddenly become a result oriented one when given another four years.

As the suspense and political drama gradually heightens towards the gubernatorial election, which is set to hold on the 21st of November, the good people of Kogi need to clearly stay off the shenanigans of ethnicity, religion and “money-must-change-hands-politics”. The fear and risk of losing another opportunity to bring Kogi State to greatness should constantly motivate citizens of Kogi to team up against looters and politicians who have no business occupying the Lugard House.

The present report sheet of Governor Idris Wada for the last four years in office is shameful and nothing to write home about. He has again communicated to Nigerians via his insensitivity and incompetence that the PDP is a congregation of individuals who lack sincerity and result oriented approach to growth and development. Nothing seems to be working in Kogi, most times, salaries are not being paid as at when due. Education is presently in a state of collapse. Roads are in a poor state including the one leading to the government house in Lokoja.

Listening to the cries of the average man in Kogi State, the lamentations of citizens of the state makes it look like only an angel can fix the many challenges of economic and infrastructural degradation that the state swims in presently. But that’s not democracy, and it would be unpatriotic to merely sit back and remain in the pool of helplessness.

Democracy is essentially about the people. So when democracy fails, the people to a large extent have failed. In the case of Kogi State, the real failure is stamping the ticket, – approving a failed politician. If a politician like Wada, in the first place, was all about himself and what he could get, then he hasn’t failed in that regard as far as he his personally concerned. When voters refuse to open their eyes to see, hence get a failed politician in the helm of affair for another 4 years, it’s like approving misery and hopelessness.

Of the many steps towards charting a new course for a suffering State like Kogi, the first on the list is definitely to unseat the PDP. A former governorship aspirant of the PDP recently alleged that Governor Wada hardly visits Lokoja more than once or twice a week, that he would rather remain in Abuja.

In a sane clime, electorates wouldn’t even have to consider the PDP in Kogi State, save for those that benefit from the lack of infrastructural development that the State has presently been popular for. If the PDP top shots in Kogi will be honest, Wada is a disgrace even to his party.

The present economic woes in Kogi State are surmountable only with a dynamic and forward thinking leader. I must make my point clear about unseating the PDP. It doesn’t just end there as a matter of fact; even the opposition camp needs careful scrutiny. For instance, I consider the candidature of former two times Governor Abubakar Audu uncalled for. After two successful attempts to govern the state and several failed attempt to return to power, I think it’s high time someone told Abubakar Audu to chill.

The APC needs to be calculative and must ensure that the best candidate gets the opportunity to carry the party’s flag at the next election. Abubakar Audu by now should be a mentor to young and upcoming politicians in the state who find him worthy.

Political observers in Kogi should question Audu’s allegiance to his party. There seem to be a funny partnership with the incumbent governor. He has been publicly seen praising Governor Idris Wada for taking the state to the next level. What next level exactly? He must be referring to the present level of abject poverty and penury that envelops Kogi State! This same Audu has openly vented his disgust over the gross mismanagement in the present administration,  coming to terms with the fact that the mismanagement of public funds and state resources has lead Kogi State, a state with a population of about 1.3 million people to become the most underdeveloped and backward state in the country. He seems to be an unstable politician. Kogi needs a leader with a clear mind and intelligent brain who is a goal oriented achiever.

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