Kim Kardashian Slams The Cops, Accuses Them Of Covering Up Murder

Kim Kardashian has joined the bevy of celebrities who are adding their voices to the campaign on twitter, demanding answers to the bizarre story of the 28 year old Chicago woman Sandra Bland who died in jail after she was taken into police custody.

Kim took to her page hours ago to voice her own concerns, and she agreed, too, alongside many other voices, that there seems to be a ‘massive cover up’ in the police reports.

See what she wrote below:

Sandra Bland’s death was ruled by prosecutors as suicide by hanging, but many have refuted that report and even analysed the first mugshot released by the police; there is a raging unanimous agreement among many on social media who believe that the mugshot was taken after Bland was dead. They believe that the case is race related and that the police brutally murdered Bland because she was black.

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