It Is Dangerous Marrying One wife As A Muslim, You Need Two & Above – Muslim Scholar

Well known for his tough lectures, popular Islamic scholar and preacher, Sheik Muyideen Bello is at it again. Bello has said a Muslim man will be doing himself more harm by marrying just one wife, but instead he will advise such a man to start with two. He made this known in one of his lectures titled Legal Marriage. Enjoy!

“Allah said a man should marry any kind of woman he likes. As a man, if you want to marry a fair-complexioned or dark woman, marry her. Allah said we should start from 2 women. I know women will not like to hear this. If you have to marry, start with 2 women, that is what the Quran says. The Yorubas have a saying that a man with 1 woman isn’t a real man. For instance if you are
married to 1 wife and she over-salts your food, you have just 1 wife. You don’t have a choice than to eat the food or buy food outside.

“I have received so many messages from people that why should I encourage polygamy. I tell them, is it me encouraging polygamy? Allah said you should marry 2, 3, 4. Allah said if as a man you know you can’t take care of them, then marry 1. Then if you are a me&my wife kind of man, the implications are too many. As Muslims, 4 women is the maximum a man can have, have 2 living with you then if you have 2 houses outside, you put the other 2 there. The implications in marrying just 1 wife are too many.

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  • Mohammed Abdullahi

    I seriously agree with you sheik ,

  • Maria Janisa Murcia

    Lol greedy old man!

  • Rakim Ismail Ochieng

    Masha Allah,swadakta ya Sheikh.that was quite on point.

  • Tayo Adewale

    May Almighty increase the knowledge of our sheikh and save us from making a bad decision that may affect us and innocent people to come.
    Marriage isn’t an easy task as someone may visualize, it’s a decision that not only affect both spouses as decision makers. Hence, a thorough thought should take the precedence before such a step, if not, you would have to rush out as you’d rushed in.

    In Islam marriage is centralized upon justice, love and mercy. Allah didn’t impose on anyone to marry more than a wife. Allah says (If you fear that you might not treat the orphans justly, then marry the women that seem good to you: two, or three, or four. If you fear that you will not be able to treat them justly, then marry (only) one, or marry from among those whom your right hands possess. This will make it more likely that you will avoid injustice.) Qur’an 4:3
    There’s no you should/ought to/have to/must marry in this verse.
    Getting back to our justice department of marriage, we see that marring one wife is recommended. Marriage is not about the man’s needs alone. What’s about lady’s, children’s and even society’s needs. How many destructions and detachments polygamy has done to our society. Many men have no means of feeding a one mouth then jumped into polygamy and leave their spouses and kids in an adjacent poverty blaming the nation for failing to provide their needs and they never look back and see that they’ve already chewed more than they can swallow. I don’t want to make this comment so long because there more to say about why monogamy is recommended to polygamy especially in a country where 70% of its population living below the poverty line and have their problems accumulated every day.

  • Debo Oduola

    Thank you for bringing part of my concern to the fore. Just to add mine in terms of being just with your wives. No human alive can love, treat or make women happy equally, talk more of loving and treating their children as such too. I have been hearing only part of the verse without the clause for decades from our Islamic scholars to defend their greed and the non-muslims too has turned it to one of their reasons to avoid Islam. I read Quran myself and found out God always want us to marry one wife because of our human nature. We can’t be just with more than one woman. In our part of the world the Islamic scholars are doing more harm to Islam due to their greed, even on other matters.

  • Tayo Adewale

    Islam is a religion that takes human nature into consideration which tolerate divergences and distinct differences, that’s why you’ll find a remedy to any problem man may have encountered in his life. Demonizing a polygamy is not Islamic because in some rear circumstances married more than a woman may be a solution to an insurmountable problem. Verily, this solution should be limited to that circumstance.
    The misconception we’re faced in Africa is when polygamy become a phenomenon where people take it as a backbone pillar of marriage and never think of it as a remedy for a sick man who has an unusual condition.
    Majority of Arab people are monogamists, may be they understand Qur’an more. In Cairo, you will hardly see a man with more than one as if it were forbidden to have more than a wife. Unlike Africa where polygamy has captivated the brain of men over there and they used Qur’an (Muslims) as Devine Touch to sugar-code their ambitions.
    Conclusively, Islamic scholars do not advertise polygamy, polygamy advocates are the people who inherently found of multiples wives and use Islam as a platform.

  • bayo mustapha

    Use your brain….He is translating the scripture and not his own words….that’s how you fail exams.olodo

  • Nura Dahiru Wowo

    The Hausa people call it * GURBI….. People ie Muslims are Enjoyed to Fill in the Gap by being Polygamous in Marriage…… Sincerity of purpose & Justice by equality gives a lasting resort towards having a wel groomed offsprings……… The Precautionary word to meditate is * Avoid funication insex or otherwise. Facts having some Undesired breeds difficult to control…. While Trying to Reconcile our Nation building Reconstruction & physical Development…… As intended

  • Ashimi Akanmu

    A Muslim who is brainwashed with argument based on being just is a failure. How can a man submit to that propaganda that he cannot be just.

  • Ade Yusuf

    Well said, the question I want to ask us is which is better, marrying more than one wife legitimately or fornication and adultery? And weighing the two which one is more sinful? Let us ask ourselves how many girlfriends and women friends do we have? We are in world of infidelity, where fornication and adultery strive. Some of our sisters who are marriageable age in their late 30s and early 40s are out there looking for who to marry them but because of me and my wife, and they themselves don’t want to be a second or third wife forgetting the fact that our destiny are different. Or a young lady of late 20s, 30s or early 40s who is a widow, won’t she marry again, more so no single men will want to marry her because she may have 1,2 or more children. Pls I stand to be corrected or educated more on this issue.

  • sodimu01wale

    On this matter man just need not to decisive himself, think twice and carefully before you step into polygamy. You know the truth so be wise.

  • Ndatsu

    He did not force you to have more then one wife. It is your choice, but the sheikh is saying what the Quran teach. You been a Christian u will definitely feel bad about what he say but we Muslim are happy with it.

  • Ahmed Adepoju

    @Tayo i share your opinion but i would want to express my position as a polygamist. The central message is to do justice to our women. The issue of marrying more than one wife is strictly a personal choice which must be predicated on the following assumptions:
    1. Do you have the finance to actualise it
    2. Do you have the gut to control more than one wife.
    3. Are you sexually active to satisfy the women.
    4. Can you provide seperate accommodation for each wife as against having the women under one roof.
    5. Have you prepare your 1st wife’s mind and position that you will be poligamous during your courtship.
    If your answers to the above posers are affarmative then you are qualified to be a poligamist.May Allah ease our task.

  • Ahmed Adepoju

    @debo. Am amused at your post it exposes your total lack of islamic jurispudence and core mesning of quran verses as it relates to the topic. Am available to counsel you and educate you on the issue. Link up with me via my email
    You will sure be well enlightened on the issue. Ignorance is a total mailaise as to join issues on social media where you are grossely uneducated on the matter under discourse. Lets seek knowledge on our deen so as to understand it convincingly

  • Yusuf Babakode Zing

    May Allah increase our sheikh with knowledge and wisdom. Actually Allah have made an injunction to marry 2,3,4 and at thesame time he warned, that if u can’t do justice among them marry one.

    to marry morethan one has a lot of implications than marrying 1.
    because of the warning of doing justice. secondly you can marry morethan one, if you are 100% sure that you will take care of their responsibilities and that of their children’s.
    May Allah guide and protect us and our Able sheikh Ameen.

  • Prince n Gugu Akpata (INFINITE

    Please sheikh, what verse in the qu’ran stated categorically that men should marry more than a wife, and please don’t speak for all yorubas with your useless proverb.

  • Olubukola Akintunde

    i love this…. you said right my brother

  • David Tassa

    This is one of the reasons why we Christians advocate that the Allah Of Koran is not the same with The God of the Bible. Our Christian God and Jesus said one man and one woman, in that manner he created Adam and Eve. So it clear that we are not serving the same God, because he God can’t contradict himself.

  • tassajoh

    This is one of the reasons why we Christians advocate that the Allah Of Koran is not the same with The God of the Bible. Our Christian God and Jesus said one man and one woman, in that manner he created Adam and Eve. So it clear that we are not serving the same God, because he God can’t contradict himself.

  • MoRaKiE89

    ofcuz, only d ignorant 1s keep thinking dat. abi hw can sum1 dat worship 3 in 1 God b d same as the person that worship the sole creator of evrytin.

  • Tiria88

    The real question is, are all dos fighting over what the Sheikh said Faithful to their partner. What Islam is fighting against is FORNICATION which happen to be in vogue in our world today. May Allah guide us all more and please you don’t have to abuse the Sheikh as he is preaching what is religion said.

  • Kamal Abubakar Abubakar

    As far as i am concern, the sheik did not tell me why I should marry more than 1 wife. The issue of too much salt in a food is not enough to make me marry more than one wife. The sheik is also trying to emphasize on the implication of having one wife but has forgot to mention the implication of having more.
    All i am trying to say here is that, you as a man know urself better. You do not have to marry more than 1 wife if u can not treat them with justice; as that may cause Allah’s anger on you.

  • Karimatullah

    @morakie89:disqus “how can someone that worships 3-in-1 God be the same as the person who worships the sole creator of everything”

    Peace be unto you.
    i don’t know for how long people will keep causing strife because of the matter of the Christian God as 3, not one.
    It’s simple: One God, three manifestations… Just have we have you as one man, three dimensions (body, soul and spirit).. Does the fact that your body functions differently from your soul and your spirit make you three persons? Of course, NO.
    This is the Christian belief:
    God (the Father)- in the heavens
    Jesus (God the Son)- God amongst men. dwelt in flesh. on earth.
    Holy Spirit (God the Spirit)- God in the hearts
    Still God. Same God. One God. Diverse manifestations.

    It’s okay if you still stand on the side of “this is gibberish”. My intention is not to brain wash you.. As the Apostle Paul instructed, “tell to people what you believe and why you believe so peacefully and in love. If they believe same, good. If they don’t, you have no rights to force your beliefs down their throats.”

    The one thing I’m still yet to understand is why Muslims are so bitter about this Christian belief, that they go to the extent of murdering Christians for their belief.
    Like the trending way of saying.. Is it your belief?

    People all over the world believe so many things and if you feel you are the only one who believes rightly, then good for you. You should be happy you can “see” and not be bitter about others who “cannot see” to the point of killing them.
    The fact remains that there is a God. Only one God, and he created ALL. I also still don’t know why the one God who created all will okay the idea that a portion of his creation should kill another portion of his creation .. Isn’t this supposed to be a God who loves all, regardless of beliefs?

    and oh by the way, to @tassajoh:disqus ‘s comment, Yes.
    Based on the fact that the God of the Koran and the God of the Bible seem to contradict each other in so many ways, perharps they aren’t the same God. I read a book that kinda shed light on this. Who is this Allah by G.J.O Moshay. You should read the book, too. 🙂

    Jesus Loves You.
    Peace, my brethren ALL.

  • Shol Hassan

    Wel, i dont dispute wat u said but one thing is clear here and u Christians are just turning a blind eye to it. It is said dat u can marry more than one wife if u can di jusice among them an wc in one way had reduce fornication bt can u pls tell me mr david tessa, how do u Christian cub fornication in ur religion??

  • abdullah mashegu

    In a strictly monogamous society, there are three kinds of frustrated individuals,1st, ladiea that are not married, and would never marry, duee to their numerical strenght over men, yet still hav their biological needs to contend with, 2nd, there are married men seeking escape from their monogamous cells, 3rd there are boys, who are afraid of being chained to a monogamous, cell, who end up not marrying, or regretably late. Put thesr 3 together an you hav great manure for, prostitution, gayism, n, all sorts of moral n economic corruption, n most of all, degeneration. Of a sureity, man is polygamous by nature. Thanks

  • Nazir Sharif Ahmad

    It’s wise saying by sheikh as one wife make manhood inactive

  • Muhammad Dan’Azumi Ningi

    Where in the Bible? @David Tassa

  • Musa Ali Buje

    Where in Bible did your god said one man one woman?

  • kunle

    I am a Christian and I want to respectfully ask my Christian brothers to respect the opinion of the Sheik and other Muslims if it’s permitted by their religion what is our business with that? The day we learn how to respect other people is when we have the peaceful world we desire

  • Abbas

    @Debo, you know better than I do that women population multiplies that of men four times! Right? So if one man one wife affairs, what would be the faith of the remaining women? They also need to be taken good care as well by a man, ” Love for your neighbor (sister) what you like for your self”

  • Abubakar sadick baye

    Jazzakallahu Khair yaa shiekh please I’m not trying to attack you but please where in QURAN Allah told us to start with two wife’s?

  • Big B

    quran 4 vs 3

  • Big B

    Quran 4 vs 3

  • Big B

    I will kindly implore you to also read the rejoinder to that book in other for you to reach a concrete and unbiased conclusions “ALLAH THE CREATOR” by Yusuff Mabera. Thank you

  • Karimatullah

    Okay I will. Will look for the book and read. Thank you too, Big B. 🙂

  • Big B

    You are highly welcome

  • Andrew Olayinka

    Please tell us where in your Holy book of Quran that God actually informed you to do this Mallam Bello. To those who will take this sheikh’s preaching please disregard this rubbish.This false postulation. He can marry as much as his financial capacity is able to but just don’t expect us to take care of your seeds from your field on polygamous farm.

  • Jansnotdead

    Yes,indeed.I have not been forced to marry more than one wife thank you.
    One is already a handful.Lol

  • Jansnotdead

    Yeah,right.Isn’t that obvious that he is translating the scripture?Which also mean that following such scripture help him or inspired him to be greedy.And don’t worry I won’t fail my exams in the future as I always study in advance before the sitting in and most of all I don’t buy the bullcrap of religion that deluded people followed and revered.They are so deluded they don’t even know the scale of their own delusion.

  • Jansnotdead


  • Kamal Abubakar Abubakar

    Really? Any evidence to back this claim? 😀

  • Osamagbe Enabunlele

    Gbam, so on point!

  • Osamagbe Enabunlele

    So ur opinion is to marry more than one because you want to help the unmarried, widows, divorcees and all……let me ask you, do u know what it takes to satisfy one woman talk the less of two or more. And like u said, are all men destined to marry more than one wife, fornication will still happen even if u marry 50 women, adultery will still take place because u not been contented made u marry more than one wife not because you want to help the unmarried. Let’s be constructive with decisions and not be biased because we want to claim just.

  • Salako Kaseem


  • Falilat

    Good question, I want to know as well

  • Falilat

    Mr Tayo you are very correct. If we understand our quran properly we discover dat Allah indirectly does not really like polygamy bcos it is not possible as a man to love all ur wives equally and do justice to them equally, even when we have children we love one child than d other even though we may not show it, may Allah guide us aright

  • Yahaska

    This Sheik is a joker if quoted correctly. Quran 4:3 did not say Allah said Muslim SHOULD marry wives in 2,3 or 4!
    Rather the statement is conditional starting with “IF” … The….
    “And if ye fear that ye will not deal fairly by the orphans, marry of the women, who seem good to you, two or three or four; and if ye fear that ye cannot do justice (to so many) then one (only) or (the captives) that your right hands possess. Thus it is more likely that ye will not do injustice.” Quran 4:3

    Polygamy is recognized in Islam but not for the man to have variety of dishes but for humanity and justices among other reasons.

    Wallahu A’alam – Allah knows best


    Sorry, we can’t respect an ignorant opinion, what this buffoon said is just too stupid to sweep under the rug

  • YK

    Lol that has been our greatest undoing as a nation.

  • YK

    What makes it ignorant? You are the one who is ignorant here. I don’t like that idea as well but that is their religion and the more we accept our ways are not others way is the day peace will return to the world. Look at Middle East now, the west went their to impose their ways on the people under the pretext of democracy and western education but it has now boomeranged and is costing them more than what they envisaged now because large component of their annual budgets go into purchase of arms and maintainance of refugees. That is how it is.


    No use trying to explain it to a dumb a$$ like u, but I repeat, your comment was and still is ignorant

  • Xadox Lawal

    You really sound dumb. the funny thing i am realising here is that u ignorant fools still never understand that we as muslims, we either follow the provisions of our religion or we know we are doing the wrong thing, whereas in christianity its all about the opinion of dumb asses like you regardless of what the religion rules out on things. Muslims care less about the way christians live their lives as far as the feel as christians that is the way its suppose to be for them, while when ever Islamic rulings get to their ears they are quick to draw very stupid, dumb and disgusting judgements and give sarcastic opinions that really will have zero effect on our religion as its not opinionated but superior rulings. What makes me sick to my stomach is sick people like you will never heal and learn to stay out of what has nothing to do with u.


    Stfu, just shut up

  • Xadox Lawal

    That’s why you guys remain closed minded, negatively rigid and ignorant. open up your minds and be flexible to gain more knowledge so you can be better to yourself as a person.


    Shut up, just stfu…LMAO!!!

  • Xadox Lawal

    I am done….. Am Outta here.

  • Luqman Amoo

    @Falilat, why then don’t you limit your children to just one. I want to believe you are a Muslim. Whatever Allah don’t want us to do, He will forbid it outrightly. No matter what you say or feel, non of you can prohibit marrying more than one wife. This is an age long practice, Islam only peg it to maximum of 4. I hope you will all stop disturbing yourselves and wasting your time on what you can not change.

  • Luqman Amoo

    If you don’t understand what is referred to as “Justice” in the quoted verse, meet learned Muslim scholars to explain to you. Knowledge of Islam is not pick on the street.

  • Osho Rafiu Temitope

    Asalam Alaikum
    Fellow brothers in Islam understanding of the deen is beyond common sense. And it’s not given to all let’s be constructive in asking questions that we do not have full knowledge of.
    We would not benefit if all we do here is critizing and been abusive on what the Sheikh as put forward.
    Islam is the way of life and we need submit ourselves to studentship to benefit and practise what the holy Quran had ask through the practice of our beloved prophet(pbuh)
    Whatever befall humanity today is a resultant effect of human error. We do not have the right to question what Allah(SWT) commanded us to do through is words in the holy Quran rather follow the path the prophet had laid down.
    Do we understand the bases of been married. It’s a fulfilment and a note of completion of the religion.
    Destiny in it sense would subject some men to marry more than one wife while some men would stick to one. But seek Allah’s guidiance, for destiny and situation would made some men to have more than one wife then sure Allah would made provision for sustenance of family. Be it one or more this is Allah’s command to us.
    I pray to those who have more and are always trying to be just by Allah’s grace that they are supporting and following the course of helping the society at large.
    How sinful to the eyes and soul the porn displayed on various media network today. Man had been created weak.
    My supplication to Allah always is to grant us tha ability to follows is command. Amin

  • udeme

    The first reason for marrying two wives is very good in as much the woman can also be allowed to marry more than one man. Incase one doesn’t give her money for the upkeep can go to the other man for money needed.

    Secondly the Quran instructed that as long as you will treat them equally (dede) irrespective of who the woman is, so how will you treat two woman in an equal manner when you can’t treat your children equally.

    Why didn’t you marry the second woman while you were still struggling, now the woman has supported you through thick and thin and you feel she is not good to satisfy you. Okunrin ……

  • Lukman Ibrahim

    Salam sheikh, complete the full verse ” if you can’t then marry only one ” but the way you are insisting is like marrying 2, 3, 4 is compulsory which is not.


  • Gaskiya

    Man is naturally promiscuous. This is why whey Christianity forces Christians to marry only one wife, they resort to having extramarital sex and so many girlfriends. Many Christians now marry second and third wives secretly to satisfy the man’s promiscuous nature.

  • Gaskiya

    Polygamy is the key to a long life.

    By Ewen Callaway

    Want to live a little longer? Get a second wife. New research suggests that men from polygamous cultures outlive those from monogamous ones.

    After accounting for socioeconomic differences, men aged over 60 from 140 countries that practice polygamy to varying degrees lived on average 12% longer than men from 49 mostly monogamous nations, says Virpi Lummaa, an ecologist at the University of Sheffield, UK.

    Lummaa presented her findings last week at the International Society for Behavioral Ecology’s annual meeting in Ithaca, New York.

    Rather than a call to polygamy, the research might solve a long-standing puzzle in human biology: Why do men live so long?
    This question only makes sense after asking the same for women, who – unlike nearly all other animals – live long past the menopause.

    Enforced monogamy
    One answer seems to be a phenomenon called the grandmother effect. For every 10 years a woman survives past the menopause, she gains two additional grandchildren, Lummaa says. It seems that doting on and spoiling grandchildren aids their survival, as well as furthering some of their grandmother’s genes.

    Men, by contrast, can reproduce well into their 60s and even 70s and 80s, and most researchers assumed this explained their longevity. But Lummaa and colleague Andy Russell wondered whether other factors explained the long lifespan of men, such as a grandfather effect.

    To test this possibility, the team analysed church-gathered records for 25,000 Finns from the 18th and 19th centuries. People tended to move little, no one practiced contraception and the Lutheran Church enforced monogamy.

    Only widowed men could remarry, and if they had children with their new wife, they fathered more kids, on average, than men who married once.

    But ultimately remarried men “don’t end up with any more grandchildren,” Lummaa says. “If anything the presence of a grandfather was associated with decreased survival of grandchildren.”

    Perhaps, Lummaa adds, the children of the first mother lose out on food and resources that go to the second mother’s kids. “It’s kind of the Cinderella effect.”

    Even fathers with only one wife provided no benefit to their grandchildren, a finding supported by previous research.

    Biological selection
    With the grandfather effect ruled out, Lummaa and Russell next wondered whether the constraints of human physiology explain male longevity. In the same way that men have nipples that evolved for women to nourish their young, male longevity might be a consequence of biological selection for long-lived women.

    To answer this question, the researchers compared the lifespan of men from polygamous countries with those from monogamous nations.

    Using data from the World Health Organization, Lummaa and Russell scored 189 countries on a monogamy scale of one to four – totally monogamous to mostly polygamous. They also took into account a country’s gross domestic product and average income to minimise the effect of better nutrition and healthcare in monogamous Western nations.

    Lummaa stressed that their monogamy score is a crude first stab, and they are working to find multiple ways to assess marriage patterns. The conclusions could evaporate under further analysis, she adds.

    If female survival is the main explanation for male longevity, then monogamous and polygamous men would live for about the same length of time. Instead, it seems that fathering more kids with more wives leads to increased male longevity. Men, then, live long because they’re fertile well into their grey years.

    The explanation could be both social and genetic. Men who continue fathering kids into their 60s and 70s could take better care for their bodies because they have mouths to feed. But evolutionary forces acting over thousands of years could also select for longer-lived men in polygamous cultures.

    “It’s a valid hypothesis and good prediction,” says Chris Wilson, an evolutionary anthropologist at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, who attended the talk. But the care and attention of several wives who depend on the social status of their ageing husband could explain everything. “It doesn’t surprise me that men in those societies live longer than men in monogamous societies, where they become widowed and have nobody to care for them.”

    Evolution – Learn more about the struggle to survive in our comprehensive special report.

    Genetics – Keep up with the pace in our continually updated special report.

  • Kriismatic

    Question: If there are implications for marrying just 1 wife, then; what about marrying 2,3,4? Either follow the laws in our religion without questioning it or try using our shallow minds as humans to interpret. The latter which is now the problem we face in the world today…homosexuality & terrorism among others. Allah is God.. God is Allah

  • aaokubule


  • kayalade

    Really? Mr Christianity, you will complain if he choose to impose his Islamic beliefs on you, but for you his religious beliefs are ignorant opinion.

    The ignorant person is you. I am a Christian and I respect and support this mans and his religious belief. Worse still is that the Christians are the worst charlatans on earth, with concubines and girlfriends all over the place.

    Daydreamkiller you are danger to a peaceful society

  • kayalade

    I cant understand why anyone is even bothering to respond to you. Ignorance is written everywhere

  • kayalade

    Xadox, you are stooping to his level, please avoid it. First he is not a Xstian, they were described by our Lord Jesus Christ as Pharisees. They wear their religion on the sleeves and judge other people. God has already created a special place in hell for them. they are the reason there is so much suffering in Nigeria

  • kayalade

    Rafiu, I am Christian and truly appreciate the way you have commented. For most Christians we see Islam as a violent religion and to see on this forum such tranquility from Muslims is very comforting