Guys And Gentlemen Read Through This To Find Out 52 Amazing Secrets, Thank Us Later

52 Deadly Ways to Make your woman see you as the only thing that could be her taste of Heaven On Earth with your love, care and attention.

1. Make her cum daily.
2. Compliment her genuinely.
3. Leave a candy and a blank cheque for her to find.
4. Kiss her for At least, 8 seconds.
5. Hold her hands.
6. Whisper sweet words in her ear.
7. Caress her—she loves to feel your gentle touch.
8. Appreciate her for the things she does for you daily.

9. Praise her in front of others.
10. Dedicate a post to her on her favorite blog.
11. Deliver Nice flowers to her.
12. Take her on a surprise date.
13. Keep the communication alive.
14. Put your arm around her.
15. Take a shower together.
16. Don’t blame her for all your loss.
17. Praise her to her face.
18. Take care of the car maintenance.
19. Do not forget special occasions. Eg: birthday, wedding anniversary, valentines day, etc.
20. Don’t ever hide anything from her. Don’t even think it!
21. Always kiss her Goodnight.
22. Always be positive.
23. Handle her mood swings.
24. Admit when you’re wrong and beg for forgiveness with a new car.
25. Sacrifice for her.
26. Don’t mention her weight! No matter how fat or skinny she is, don’t make the mistake of mentioning it.
27. Look into her Eyes.
28. Write her a Love Poem.
29. Massage her body.
30. Call her if you’re going to be late.. Don’t keep her in suspense!
31. Don’t argue over money!
32. When she is crying, don’t say a word. Just hold her in your arms.
33. Don’t tease her too much.
34. Respect her.
35. Don’t ever lie to your wife!
36. Sing and pray together.
37. Do things together.
38. Make sure you don’t have a bad hygiene—if you do, correct it now.
39. Slow-dance in your room.
40. Don’t be a workaholic— women hate it with passion!
41. Make out time to cuddle her.
42. Help her Undress.
43. Help out when she is heavy or sick.
44. Provide for her needs.
45. Don’t correct her in front of others.
46. Take her on weekend trips.
47. Forgive her when she goes wrong.
48. When making love, describe aloud and in detail each thing that you do and how it makes you feel. This will greatly arouse your wife, as well as let her know that she’s meeting your needs.
49. Take a jacuzzi bath together.
50. Plan your future with her.
51. Cook for her!
52. Finally, tell the world how much you love her

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