Flood Wreaks Havoc In Anambra

Awka and Onitsha, the capital and commercial nerve centre of Anambra state, were yesterday heavily impacted by flood following torrential rains that lasted from the early hours of Sunday to yesterday.

By yesterday afternoon, the flood had pulled down a residential building at Udoka Estate and submerged another at Ngozika Estate in Awka. The flood also made Awka Ring Road leading to Nibo impassable.

The flood, which made the Obibia River to overflow across the road, damaged farmlands and threw a truck carrying bags of packaged water into the river.

Six persons, including a Reverend Father, narrowly escaped being drowned when the flood submerged their vehicles on Awka Ring Road.

The Reverend Father was driving along the road when another vehicle ran into the flood and splashed water that affected his engine. As the cleric was trying to restart his car, the flood surged and submerged his car. He had to swim through the flood to safety.

Five others in a truck had to climb to the roof of the vehicle to escape drowning. The villagers later rescued them.

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