Chad Seizes Suspected Boko Haram Weapons Cache

Chadian security forces, announced that they have seized a large weapon cache including guns, rockets and ammunition in a house in N’Djamena occupied by suspected members of the Boko Haram.

The officials said the weapons, buried under the courtyard of the house in the eastern neighbourhood of Guinebor, were destined for northern Nigeria.

One of the investigators, said on condition of anonymity, that they were part of the weapons that Baana Fanaye, Boko Haram’s logistics chief for northern Cameroon and Chad, was preparing to send to Nigeria.

He said the revelation came during an investigation after Mr. Fanaye was arrested in a raid by Chadian police in June.

State prosecutor, Alghassim Khamis, said the latest arms cache, discovered on Thursday, was found hidden in one of the houses raided on June 27.

He said Chadian authorities arrested 60 suspected militants on June 27 and dismantled their suicide attacks cells.

Mr. Khamis said two days later, five officers and six militants were killed during a raid on an arms cache.

Credit: NAN

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