“And I Got Hacked” – Tunji Andrews Writes On How Hackers Taught Him A Lesson

Tunji Andrews, popular on Twitter for his #MoneMasterClass sessions told me about how he got hacked across virtually all his online media channels. I got an update from him this morning and it has been published unedited. 


This would probably be as unbelievable to you as it still is to me. On many levels, i’m still trying to wrap me head around it. The whys, seem endless really. Why would anyone even bother hacking me? Why they would take it this far? Why? Why? Why?

While i still try to find answers to this, i felt it necessary to drop a note to let anyone who cares to know why i suddenly went off the grid.

Apparently, i got careless with the login details on one of my platforms, which in reality were the login details for all my other platforms. I mean, email, twitter, domain, etc; all same password. It’s easy to blame it all on not being too IT savvy, but i knew well enough to know that this wasn’t ideal; i guess i had to learn the hard way.

So, July 2nd, while on my way to an out of town meeting, i noticed that my smart phone began to reject my passwords, apparently, someone was seated somewhere changing my passwords and retrieving details. Like that wasn’t enough, this person began shutting down all these platforms, gmail, domain emails, twitter, even a personal website i was working on.

You really don’t know how dependent you are on these mediums till this kind of a thing happens; as it couldn’t have happened at the worst possible time, with flight and hotel reservations all on my email. In panic, i forced a hard reset on my phone, which also made sure everything on my phone was wiped; talk about walking blind.

I began to contact service providers and i am beginning to gain access to some of my accounts, but since this very ingenious person changed my account retrieve details, i sincerely was fighting a lost battle. With twitter, it was no different as the email attached to the account wasn’t mine and even if they sent a password reset link, i wouldn’t be able to access it, so i simply just reregistered, luckily, my handle @TunjiAndrews was now free for use.

So, #MoneyMasterClass wouldn’t hold this week and i send my deepest apologies to our sponsors C&I Leasing, thanking them for their unwavering support. We hope to be back next week.

Well, lesson learned, funny enough, now i find myself going password crazy all of a sudden.

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