Air Force Unveils Unmanned Bomb Detector, Light Surveillance Aircraft

The development is part of the force’s contribution to the fight against insurgency in the troubled north-eastern region.

Commandant of the AFIT, Air Vice Marshal Toni Adokwe, introduced the device at a gathering ahead of the institute’s 44th Convocation Ceremony coming up on Friday.

The Commandant demonstrated how the device could dictate and pick up Impoverished Explosive Device to safer locations for disposal.

The device has a frequency jammer to distort GSM signals and also has a time run of four hours.

He said it was produced by students of the Armament Engineering Department in 2012 and was later modified to a higher level called Unmanned Ground Vehicle type two.

Adokwe affirmed that with effective innovative approach to technology, Nigeria would be able to tackle the current security challenge in the North-east.

He emphasised that the growing wave of bombings by the Boko Haram sect required more researches and innovations of modern equipment and technologies to tackle the challenge.

The Commandant further explained that the institute had equally commenced research into the development of a Light Surveillance Aircraft that would be in conformity with the climatic temperature of Nigeria and the West African sub-region.

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