President Obama Actually Writes Back To People Who Call Him An Idiot

It’s been said you should never feed the trolls, but President Barack Obama isn’t heeding that advice.
In an interview with “Extra” airing Thursday, Obama sat down with correspondent Jerry Penacoli, who thanked the president for the Affordable Care Act and the impact it had on his battle with stage III melanoma. Obama said hearing from people like Penacoli and others who write him letters reminds him that his work makes “a difference in a lot of people’s lives.”
“I get 10 letters a night out of the 40,000 letters and emails and messages that we get,” Obama said. “Some of them are just saying ‘thank you,’ for something, some of them are saying ‘you’re an idiot.'”

The president said he does reply to his critics.
“Are they surprised?” Penacoli asked.
“I think sometimes they are,” Obama said. “I try to address their concerns.”
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