Nigeria’s Power Supply Now 3,085.77 Megawatts

The Ministry of Power, on Monday, June 1, resumed the publication of its power statistics on its website after the last publication of May 11, noting that power supply was 3,085.77megawatts (Mw) on May 31.

The Ministry withheld the publication because the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) recorded dismal power generation, transmission and distribution over the last three weeks.

The electricity market dwindled to a record of 727Mw supply as 18 of the 21 power plants were shut down following the strike.

The period under review was characterized by no gas supply owing to an oil workers’ strike and shortage of water for the hydro power plants.

Following the development, former Minister of Power Chinedu Nebo had explained that the drop in power supply was inevitable, since up to 70 per cent of generation was coming from gas-fired stations, pending the harvest of electricity from the work already executed by the government and private sector investors on new hydro-power plants and other renewables.

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