Men Suspected To Have Killed 148 Kenyan Students in Terror Attack Denied Bail In Court

Five suspects arrested in connection with a terror attack at a Kenyan university that killed 148 people were denied bail yesterday when they appeared before a court in Nairobi for the mention of their case.

Police had accused the suspects of supplying guns to the four gunmen who carried out the deadly attack in April.

The accused, Mohamed Ali Abdikar, Hassan Aden Hassan, Sahal Diriye and Osman Abdi who are thought to be Kenyan or Somali nationals, and Rashid Charles, a Tanzanian national, have denied the charges and were remanded in custody until later in the month when their trial is expected to commence.

While making the ruling, the chief magistrate said granting bail would compromise investigations as security officials were still compiling evidence.

The prosecution has said it intends to call more than 30 witnesses to testify in the case, and the trial is scheduled to begin in earnest on June 24.

After the attack, officials announced five arrests, including three alleged “coordinators” captured as they fled towards Somalia and two others seized at the university compound.

The two arrested on campus included a security guard and a Tanzanian found hiding in the ceiling holding grenades.

It will be recalled during the university attack, the extremists lined up non-Muslim students for execution while Muslim students were spared.

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