Ghanaian President Puts Death In Accra Flood, Fire Disasters At 152

Ghanaian President, John Mahama, said on Wednesday, that the official death toll in the 3 June flood and fire disasters at a fuel service station in Accra was 152.

Mahama said this in a speech at a national memorial service held in Accra to round off three days of national mourning for the victims of the disasters.

“The search and rescue mission is over the loss that our nation has suffered is incomprehensible.
“The figure is still provisional but we hope we will not find any more dead bodies,” he said.

All flags flew at half-mast during the mourning period and citizens were encouraged to wear black or red arm bands and clothing to mourn with the families of the victims of the tragedies.

Mahama said the process of identifying the dead was ongoing and asked families who have lost loved ones to visit three mortuaries where the bodies were sent to help identify the bodies.

He said in s situation where the bodies could be identified, the government had directed that DNA tests be conducted.
He urged families to present DNA samples so that confirmations can be made.

Mahama said series of mistakes and failings led to the tragedies but said Ghana would ensure that it did not happen again.
The fire occurred when a leaking valve at the fuel service station allowed fuel to be transported to a nearby house where it came into contact with naked flame and caused an explosion.

Several hours of rain caused heavy floods that killed the people, washed away roads, personal properties, vehicles, submerged houses and rendered thousands homeless.

Rev. Eastwood Anaba, President of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries, in his sermon, said the country should tap all expertise available to prevent a recurrence.

He asked the citizens to take the initiative in doing things that would solve problems, sacrifice, collaborate and make available resources, and take “positive action”.

Anaba also urged the international community to assist Ghana in dealing with the problems associated with the tragedy.
“We should improve on every aspect of our society we’ll survive this, we’ll conquer this”, the cleric said. (PANA/NAN)

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