DAAR Communications, The Height Of Slavery : Read The Inside Story From a Heartbroken Staff

So it is no longer News to many Nigerians, that Daar Communications, A Reputable leader in the Media Industry In Africa, That is owned By Former President Goodluck Jonathan Loyalist and Chief Hate Campaign Speech Chairman Raymond Dokpesi hasn’t paid staff and workers for a wholesome 17 months and the stations function daily without hiccups and groanings, because the workers have passion for what they do. But like every human, talent doesn’t pay the bills only bosses pay salaries that pay bills. They have had series of protest in different locations by workers and staff but still no head way from Oga as he is fondly called.  Days have become weeks still Raymond Dokpesi has said nothing to the workers of his organization and believe me when i say patience would definitely run out for Staff of AIT and her sister Stations.

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Read the account of a Staff of Daar Communications who decided to reach out to www.omojuwa.com with the whole story so the public can know the inhumane treatment that staff and workers of the station that many Nigerians are loyal to go through.

There is groaning, anguish and pain among us. These are results of the insensitivity of DAAR COMM’s management. Many of us are being owed up to 17 months salary, but management seem not to care. Instead, they would rather call for workers to “right-off” arrears.
It is more worrisome, that, Dokpesi, the one now called emeritus chairman is seen donating millions of dollars to some other radio stations that was attacked recently, hosting Jonathan to multi million naira dinner and buying exotic cars for his girlfriends, while his workers languish for lack of payment of salary, their due entitlement after every month.

It is sad that this company never pays his workers at the right time. Everyone is being owed, apart from those in management level who eat fat at the detriment of committed staff, the least three months. This gross insensitivity was the reason AIT’s operational attempt in the USA some years ago failed. They owed the staff they hired in America and the authorities there shut the station down.
This can only happen in Nigeria, where there no serious regulation and monitoring.

We are suffering in silence!

We are subjected to rigorous work without the right or adequate resources, it is expected of us to make “sacrifices”, it shouldn’t be like this.
This is slavery. Underpaid, yet the peanut is not released in due time, and compelled to work under excruciating conditions disguised as “sacrifices”.

Another issue is the scam called DAAR COMMS PlC public offer. Many bought shares about 6 years ago. Up till today, no single person, out of the thousands that parted with money has received dividends nor do we hear of annual AGMs.

We can not say all, for they are too many.

We members of staff of DAAR Communications under the aegis of “Enough is Enough Group” wishes to call on relevant authorities, especially President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian Labour Congress and Trade Union to please look into this company that treats its workers as slaves.

Kindly help copy and post this on Facebook, BBM platforms, whatsapp platform until it reaches those who can help us.
God bless Nigerian workers!

“Enough is Enough Group” of DAAR Communications!!!

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