Amaechi Denies Ill-Treatment Claims By Former Deputy

Former Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, has denied claims by his then-deputy, Tele Ikuru, that the latter returned billions of Naira to him and the state government.

The former deputy governor, in a thanksgiving service at the weekend, said he returned over two billion Naira cash to Amaechi bur expressed disappointment at Amaechi that, in spite of all his contributions, his former boss did not give him any parting gift and left him “hard and dry.” He felt mistreated.

However, Amaechi denied the claim by Ikuru.“Tele is lying. He did not return any money to me. And I am not aware that he returned any money to the coffers of the State government. My former deputy’s ill-advised comments against me are indeed shameful and pitiable,” Amaechi said through his spokesperson.

“His attack on me, his disgusting lamentation about parting gifts only goes to confirm what I have always known and said about those on the other side of the political divide in Rivers State where my former deputy now belongs that all they want is to share the resources and commonwealth of Rivers people among themselves. This is why they fought me and are still fighting me,” Amaechi said.

He added that it was unfortunate that his then-deputy had turned against him.

“It is unfortunate that Tele Ikuru, who I kept as my deputy in spite of the strong opposition against him…almost everyone was against him but I retained him and even ran with him for a second term, against the advice of most of my political associates, would now attempt to hideously disparage and attack me,” Amaechi said.

Ikuru quit the Amaechi’s All Progressives Congress for the People’s Democratic Party ahead of general elections in March. He served the state for more than seven years.

Credit: CAJ News

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