Meet The Igbo Man Who Has Sold 39 Cars To Floyd Mayweather

Los Angeles exotic-car dealer Obi Okeke was sound asleep when his phone rang once at 3 a.m. last year.It was Floyd Mayweather.The undefeated welterweight champ had a mission for his trusted dealer: Have a Bugatti Veyron sitting in the driveway of his Las Vegas mansion in 12 hours.

It was time for Dr. Bugatti, as Okeke is sometimes called, to perform a miracle.

So Okeke jumped in the shower and headed to Fusion Luxury Motors, the Chatsworth, Calif., dealership he opened in 2012 and co-owns. He checked his notes, hopped on a plane, secured the car and drove it to Mayweather himself.

And he did it in 11 hours.

That’s life when you’re dealing with the spontaneous Mayweather, who, according to some reports, could rake in as much as $180 million this Saturday when he faces off with fellow superstar Manny Pacquiao.

Okeke said there’s no room for mediocrity when dealing with Mayweather. The polarizing boxer has high expectations for himself, Okeke said, and therefore does for everyone around him.

Okeke has sold 39 cars to Mayweather, including a $3.2 million Ferarri Enzo and three Bugatti Veyrons that are worth $6.2 million combined. In a career spanning nearly 30 years, Okeke has sold cars to the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jessica Simpson, Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Tucker and more.

He started his career as a Chevrolet dealer in 1987 and eventually moved on to manage stores for Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, BMW, Ferrari and Maserati before he started his own.

Okeke, 53, spoke with Automotive News about his life and Mayweather adventures.

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