I’ll Expose Anybody That Offers Bribe To Me, My Colleagues Says Senator-Elect, Ben Bruce

A ?Senator-elect from Bayelsa State, Ben Murray-Bruce, has vowed to expose anyone who offers him or any other Senators bribe.

Mr. Murray-Bruce is part of the eighth Senate due for inauguration early June.

He said as Senator, he will expose any offer of “Ghana-Must-Go” to him or his colleagues.

Ghana-Must-Go bags are commonly used to convey large sums of money in Nigeria.

“Not while I’m there!” he assured his over 15,000 followers. “I will expose ANYBODY that dares approach me or my colleagues with Ghana Must Go.”

The Senator-elect said the incoming administration of Muhammadu Buhari should patronise Made-in-Nigeria products and services.

Mr. Murray-Bruce, few days ago, was bashed by Nigerians on Twitter over his sudden anti-corruption crusade, following a series of tweets. He was criticised for being less vocal during the tenure of President Goodluck Jonathan, believed to be characterised by corruption.

He currently uses the micro-blogging site to speak his mind and unveil some of his plans for the 8th National Assembly.

He said the incoming assembly ?”won’t be a rubber stamp”.?

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