Another Earthquake Hits Nepal

Magnitude 7.3 earthquake strikes two weeks after massive quake killed thousands in Himalayan nation.  A magnitude 7.3 earthquake has struck Nepal, two weeks after a devastating quake killed more than 8,000 people in the Himalayan nation, the USGS has reported.

USGS had earlier reported the magnitude at 7.1 but later upgraded it to 7.3. The quake, which struck 18km southeast of Kodari, near the base camp for Mt Everest, was measured at a shallow depth of about 18km.

Al Jazeera’s Annette Ekin, reporting from the capital, Kathmandu, said that there was “utter panic” in the capital. “The earth just started rolling. Everyone ran out onto the streets and all of the shops are now shuttered,” she said, adding that the quake seemed to last about 30 seconds.

A woman who works for a finance company in Thamel, in Kathmandu, told Al Jazeera that she had clung on to a pillar inside her building when the quake struck. “I was screaming. It felt like the house was falling,” she said.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons, also reporting from Kathmandu, said the quake was so powerful that it made the building he was in “feel like jelly”.

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