Reaping The Benefits Of Majority: An Open Letter To The APC In-Coming Members Of The House Of Representatives, 8th Assembly By Mal. Samaila Suleiman

Dear Honourable Members,

As we walk into the Green Chambers!

Abuja welcomes us all, and congratulations!

Congratulations to being one step closer to our aim. It has been a historic election and people of Nigeria are with us, as we look towards brighter future prospects in the next four years. It was a hard fought victory and the credit to the success is all ours, our strong party roots and the innumerable people of Nigeria that made it a reality, by working countless hours, to help put a people-friendly government on track again. I welcome you all, to Abuja to serve our motherland, create a new history by reining in government spending; preserving national unity, and restoring Nigeria’s leadership abroad.

I was asked about my thoughts and personal insight about how to move on in the coming few weeks and months, to make Nigeria a better place in the legislative chamber of House of Representatives. I have only one answer. And that is to adhere to the basic principles of our party, All Progressive Congress (APC) that gave impetus to our campaigns.

When we enter the Green Chamber, and take the oath of office, we must ensure that we defend the Constitution, discharge our duties responsibly and always remember that current and future generations of Nigerians are counting on our righteous decisions, and so we must stand by the oath. Ensure that we all never forget that our success belongs to the people of Nigeria and the trust they have put in us, and their success is surely ours. Thus, we need to stand up to their expectations.

With the damage already done in the last 16 years, we know that it will be a daunting task and it will take some time to put things right, but people of Nigeria have the faith that we will achieve all that has been set forth in the party (APC) manifesto.

Our current requirements as per the All Progress Congress (APC) campaign are to support the President – Elect in providing law making mechanism to achieve the 8 cardinal programs set for his presidency; War against corruption, Food security, Accelerated power supply, Integrated transport network, Free education, Devolution of power, Accelerated economic growth, Affordable health care.

When there is no tolerance for corruption the government can put into focus plans on free and quality education, bring about food security and utilize funds for better transportation system these are some of the most important aspects on which hinge the future of Nigeria’s growth and development. However, we all must support the in-coming administration with legislative legal framework that will accelerate the growth of the economy and provide better education and healthcare facilities.

Our win to the House of Representatives, is the house of the people of Nigeria. We all represent the hopes and aspirations of over 160 million Nigerians, across ethnicities and tribes. A true representative must stand with the people, hear them out and offer fair patronage on development, employment and healthcare.

However the representatives are not robots but well-informed and knowledgeable people from different walks of life that have come together to bring relief and economic prosperity to the constituencies they represent and Nigeria at large.

I believe all of us have realized the benefits of working as a team, while our experience from the 7th Assembly proves to be a reference point. It is a testament that as long as we remain united to vigorously pursue our party’s cardinal programs. I am positive that we will develop a strong bond with the Nigerians and it will be renewed at the end of each legislative Assembly.

Considering all aspects, it is necessary to extend a hand of friendship to our colleagues in the opposition parties as they must have realized that the only way to remain relevant is to be in the side of Nigerian People. Together we can make the difference.

Success is now a priority and with the future of Nigeria at stake, we now have to be strong at the center of governance.

We will need to take tough decisions to bring in more transparency in the government and bring more stability and progress. We can do it and it is best to start early, for faster progress.

The vicious circle of poor education, poverty, unemployment constitutes serious social maladies that have laid the fabric of our culture and society absolutely threadbare. Sadly, poor law and order situation forced us to fight the consequences than the real causes. For now it may be imperative to fight for both in order to create a conducive atmosphere for growth, and progress.

We certainly possess the capacity to attain it, if we work towards formulating better and more people-friendly policies to generate and employ more people. On our part, a couple of Bills are already before the House to address the issue of unemployment, poverty and insecurity, and many will be introduced. Our success lies in the success of central government; we must support it to eliminating poverty, poor healthcare and unemployment to usher in an era of strategic development, better healthcare and education for the people. We need to bring back the old glory and prosperity in Nigeria.

Today everyone has hopes and aspirations from the new government and it is our duty to show the people how the country can be governed honestly. The people of Nigeria look towards a future that is brighter where the government actually works for the people and their wellbeing.

Mal. Samaila Suleiman MNSE, MIAD, NIMechE,

Member – Elect

Kaduna North Federal Constituency

House of Representatives, Federal Republic of Nigeria

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