Read El-Rufai’s Letter To INEC, the SSS and Other Security Agencies, Alleges PDP Plans To Rig Kaduna Poll

We write to bring to your attention the plans that the PDP has hatched to enable them violently undermine the integrity of the governorship elections INEC has slated for 11 April 2015. We request that you act on this information and promptly deter the plans to tamper with the will of the people.
It is a well known fact that the APC won the 28 March presidential and National Assembly elections in Kaduna State with 70% of the votes. These results were won in an election that was largely transparent and free. But they have certainly sown panic in the ranks of the PDP which has now responded with a plan to simultaneously unleash violence on voters and compromise election officials. It is the roar of a wounded lion, which does not intend to play fair or calmly accept its rejection by the good people of Kaduna State.
The PDP has gone far in these plans. Arms have been bought and stockpiled, and the thugs who would use them already recruited. We are reliably informed that the suppliers of the axes, swords, knives and other dangerous weapons include the following persons: Sarkin Magori in Zaria, Dankawu Santana Karofi, Samaila Sarkin Gandu, Ali Azarali and  Danlami Yunusa (aka Janbasco). The plan is to deploy a militia in each of the 23 local government areas of the state. They have been charged to kill anyone that impedes their mission to steal the election of 11 April 2015. Their mandate is to intimidate voters and election officials, steal election materials, thumbprint and pass off the result of their heist as valid results.
At the heart of these plans is the Alhaji Yahaya Aminu, the chief of staff to the governor, Shehu Giant,  the commissioner for Local Government and Ibrahim Ali, the commissioner of education.
The PDP has also met with INEC officials and returning officers to induce them into condoning rigging and accepting to announce false results.
We are copying INEC, the DSS and other security agencies in the expectation that every institution will do its duty to uphold the sanctity of free choice, as well as the freedom to exercise that choice in peace and without fear of personal injury. It is obvious that the planners of this mayhem intend to harm our voters and supporters. This must not be allowed to happen.
The APC has already demonstrated its acceptability and electoral might. Everyone knows that the APC stands poised to win Kaduna State comprehensively. Our people are ready for change. No one should stand in their way.
We look forward to hearing from you the steps that are being taken to address this unfortunate development, and to assure the integrity of the electoral process and the safety of the voters..
Yours sincerely,
Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai OFR
9 April, 2015

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