#PAUSIBILITY: The Silhouette Of This Presidential Election by Adebayo Coker


The dark clouds that gathered on our nation has finally cleared. The jubilation on the streets could be likened to the celebration we had when that killer wolf, Abacha was announced dead (no apology to the Abachas as I am not responsible for their father’s irrationality). The good Lord loves this nation. The doomsayers and those prophets that had in their own flesh believed the elections will not hold and if at all it held, the incumbent will be returned, should be left alone in their pulpits as I would want to believe that people would stop ‘patronizing’ such men that lack both physical and spiritual vision.

Let me quickly congratulate all of us for the peaceful conduct of the last week’s Presidential Election. The unprecedented determination of the masses was displayed as people trooped out en mass, both old and young, defying whatever weather conditions, to salvage the country from the seemingly continued abyss and dysfunction it was being navigated into. People invested their night-club time, queued and voted into the dead of the night; some even continued the voting exercise the following day regardless of the frustration brought about by poor logistics of INEC. The common Nigerians resolved in their hearts that the road may be rough but the destination will be reached. The onus of responsibility shelved on our shoulders was borne with utmost maturity that has now birthed a new Nigeria for all of us. Once again, Congratulations!

The hiccups witnessed in some states were indications that we still have space to improve on our growing democratic and electioneering process. Though barbaric, we will get there gradually. I am sure the coming Gubernatorial elections will be better than the Presidential in those South-South and South-East states where acts of brigandage were recorded. The people of those zones will not allow their common will to be truncated.

I managed the tension that was built up during the collation and announcements of the election results in Abuja as it was televised so well that anytime I wanted to misbehave I would ask myself what would GMB or Jonathan be doing by now? That made put myself under check not to die for nothing; the protagonists may not have to check their blood pressure at all, after all it is a game of numbers.

Let me stop here again to congratulate one man that history will vilify for his ineptitude and will also recognise for his sportsmanship, President Goodluck Azikwe Ebele Jonathan.

I am not here to add salt to the injury of anyone but I must say my mind as much as I would not want to talk about politics again via this blog. Starting next week, I want to talk about Citizen’s Rights especially regarding the power that we wield through our votes.

Sir, I ‘defended’ you amongst some people that believed you are politically finished. I told them you enjoy a great deal of goodwill amongst your party men which will earn you the Presidential ticket of your party on a platter of gold just as the same had won it for you in this past election. I am sure you can still sustain that till 2019. I also told them that all your aides love you so much and are ever ready to live with you in Otuoke after 29th May, 2015. Also, we will see great a number of ‘Nuttywood’ stars that will die for you just as some of them had proclaimed.

Your aides were your greatest enemies but I hope this time, you will tell them to have their heads checked with their recent April Fool publication of your humble self deserving of a Nobel Prize. Tell them Alfred didn’t understand the word ‘indolence’, neither did he leave any of his legacies behind for any act of malfeasance. Tell them to stop scamming you by preaching that you could be endorsed by anyone in the Academy that organizes the Nobel Prize because such a prize can’t be bought with dollars. The Prize is not given to anyone who failed in office as a President but admitted the obvious when voted out. You did nothing extraordinary by conceding an obvious defeat. Anyway, you have my good wishes in your future endeavors. When fortune throws anything at one, the beneficiary should try to understand the responsibility that comes with such a gift. I am sure we all will get a better understanding of the transience of power through your acts in office.

I believe the education and social exposure of ‘Elder’ Orubebe should have been added to common sense expected of a man of his caliber to understand that in politics you lose some and you win some. If we conduct an investigation on his home, he must be a wife beater. No matter what apology the elder gentleman may tender after that display of what one good friend of mine tagged “the last rant of a mad man”; he has etched the name of his forebears and future generations in the black book of history. The web will forever hold on to that show of shame for easy referral. Thank God for a more matured Jega, the devil would have used the ‘Pastor’ to truncate our peaceful democratic transition. I am sure that but for the sportsmanship GEJ displayed, he wouldn’t have tendered any apology for that act that even an Asari Dokubo would condemn.

Another lesson to be learnt is that of synergy. I call it: The Synergy That Works. Neither Tinubu nor Buhari could do it alone. Both came together, placed their cards on the table, reached a compromise and formed an alliance to oust their common enemy. They doggedly followed through, sacrificed their personal egos and ambitions, came up with the best of their best (politically and otherwise), and managed their campaigns as well as their candidates including their supporters. Then the result came. Kudos! I hope no one will become too much of a political liability that it will discredit the slogan of CHANGE you so much touted as your singsong?

Let me call your attention to some happenings that may unfold in a few days.

Our national geography may be affected with this Presidential Election results because Fayose had threatened to secede from Nigeria if GMB wins, so, am waiting.

Let us also be wary of Bastard Doyin Okupe (don’t crucify me for adding that appellation. He christened himself that immediately APC clocked one year) because he had threatened that never will GMB be a President in this land. Could it be likened to the report of BY THIS TIME TOMORROW in the bible?

Mama Peace should be put under adequate surveillance: not that she would run away but I suspect someone may attempt suicide. The officers of the law that had turned themselves to attack dogs, political tools and thugs should be ready to take their conscience to the dry cleaners by now. I don’t want to talk about FFK for I know he will dust his APC membership card and start singing Sai Baba!

I am sure any politician will now understand better what we “the collective children of anger” can do and undo. I am glad with the youths of this nation that did not allow themselves to be used as tools of confusion.

Lastly to GMB and Osibajo, I wish I can readily congratulate you and remind you that a friend to a friend of mine used to be your neighbor in Kaduna and Anthony respectively but I am not tempted to give you a hug yet. Not just yet till we start seeing that CHANGE you sold to us in your manifesto. As for me I will begin the change in my small space as I would want to believe that my President will not condone any iota of corruption and would protect me with the rule of law in the face of whatever interest other than national interest, both locally and internationally.

I wish all of us well. It is a New Nigeria after all.

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