OPC Crisis: Gani Adams Accused Of Receiving Gains At The Expense Of Yorubas

The gulf within the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) has widened through Public Secretary of the Congress Adesina Akinpelu calling National Coordinator Chief Gani Adams out on the alleged disappearance of mobilisation funds.

In a statement signed by Akinpelu, the National Coordinating Council (a faction within the OPC) claimed that one of the factors leading to President Goodluck Jonathan’s defeat in the South West was due to his trust in people like Gani Adams.

Akinpelu, who was suspended by a faction within the party, argued that as one of the founders of the Congress, he had contributed to the liberation of the Yoruba people.  Akinpelu claims that Chief Adams has received gains at the expense of the Yoruba people.

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