Just Before Yobe’s Gubernatorial Elections By Mallam Abba Gadaka

‘The punishment we suffer, if we refuse to take an interest in matter of government, is to live under the government of worse men’ – Plato 300BC

  Thanks to the just concluded general elections, the electorates-mostly the masses are now equip with powerful weapon (PVC) to hire and fire non-performing leaders in their climes. The important aspect of this development is that leaders will henceforth respect people’s wishes and aspirations; this will greatly improve our democracy. I’m mortified and terrified to say the least, being a Yobean at this unfortunate moment, which our people had been painfully and silently passing through which the nation has not taken notice off. But with Adamu Maina Waziri throwing his hat into the race, I’m confident my worries would soon be history giving his utmost dedication to service delivery, experienced, tested and trusted public servant with financial displine to his belt. The issue of corruption, incompetence, ineptitude and nepotism is glorified momentously which make Jonathan’s administration decent, to the extend criticism is view as a blasphemy. A certain Ibrahim Gaidam is running a charade-called-government from Abuja which he turn his capital into a sojourn appearing when the allocation is ready and disappearing  like a sand clock after siphoning it, he runs a government of clique popularly  referred to as family and friends  consisting of sycophants and ethnic jingoists ready to hawk on Yobe’s  treasury. The national bureau of statistics classified Yobe as the least in terms of all major developmental indexes, with least GDP of $2.01 million and IGR of 2.1 billion naira in 2014. The governor is seeking re-election cannot boast of any significant project of his own, he has nothing to showcase, his abysmal performance is not acceptable, pathetic!. The educational sterility Is heartbreaking at all levels, lack of adequate and conducive classrooms, teaching materials to inadequate and qualified teachers is heartwarming, this is evident in the woeful performance of Yobe state in 2014 WAEC examinations as only 4.85% passes 5 credits including math and English language, that’s only 743  out of over 30,000 students that sat for the exams got the required papers to seek admission in the university, thus making the youth  easy target for radicalization. In health care delivery, there is nearly collapse of facilities and dearth of medical workers in our so called hospitals, citizens are forced to seek medical help from neighboring states. Yobeans defend on water vendors for their water supply while the infrastructure is nothing to write home about, with inter and intra road network are in sorry state.  It’s no longer news that Yobe is among the state revenged by boko haram insurgency, they succeeded in sacking two local governments which render the people in that area homeless and seeks shelter in Damaturu and elsewhere, had it been he attended a normal school not an adult education he could have set up an IDP camp to cater for the homeless citizens even if it is for political gains. His non-chalant attitude towards bomb blast and other insurgency related victims is worrisome, he shows little or no attention to them, but he quickly went on to sympathized with Geidam residents when Boko haram attacked his hometown on the 21st of December last year and even set up a committee to compensate all those that loses property, Bra-bra are the other victims less human?.  The other arm of government (legislators) that would have checked the excesses of the executives are mere his rubber stamp. In short, Yobe Is run by monarchy-cum-comprador-plutocracy-bourgeois form of government. I am certainly sure the wind of change will blow this government even if they stand against the candidature of Mr. waziri which he has been resilient, focus, dogged and have been pushing consistently for the third time which he vows to  improve our living condition, execute meaningful people oriented project through decent and honest leadership that will in turn improve our education, health, agriculture, youth and women empowerment. In short, we cannot survive another 4-years of Gaidam administration.

Change is here, sai Waziri.
Contributed by
Mallam Abba Gadaka.

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