‘Igbos Will Vote For Ambode ’ – Benedine Eloka-Umuoji

A notable Lagos based administrator, Benedine Eloka-Umuoji, has called on Igbo residents and other non indigenes in Lagos to regard Oba’s comments as his personal opinion and vote for Akinwumi Ambode and other APC candidates.

Eloka-Umuoji, who is one of the Igbos based in Lagos, said it would be unfair to visit Akiolu’s sin on Ambode, whose party; All Progressives Congress (APC) has since dissociated itself from the monarch’s comments.

??She also urged her kinsmen not allow the opinion of the Oba to derail them from fulfilling their promise to vote for Ambode as the next governor of the state.

According to her, “We are in a symbiotic relationship and must do everything so support our host.? Nonetheless; we give Oba Akiolu kudos for reminding us that we are strangers. The truth is that we are strangers here. Lagos belongs to some people, just like Onitsha and Aba. Let’s not carry on as if this place is a no man’s land. It is not!

“The Oba’s statement only succeeded in opening our thoughts to start considering shifting investments down our real father land. However, the Oba of Lagos does not have the impetus to insult us and we therefore demand his apology.

“Nevertheless, we would troop out en-mass to vote for Ambode because we believe in Fashola’s administration and its uniqueness. ?At least Lagos is being re-branded. APC government would support our objective, and so we would reject sarcastic words opposing our journey to our rehoboth. Such is the Oba’s statement. It is devil’s strategy. Please let us ignore it.”

?Eloka-Umuoji, therefore urged Ambode to as a matter of urgency address the alleged extortion of money from Igbo traders in all markets in Lagos state by Yoruba Market union leaders immediately he assumes office on May 29.

“The in-coming governor should ensure more representation of the Igbos in his government?, give approval of Certificate Of Occupancy for properties owned by non indigenes, provide adequate compensation for properties demolished for public interest belonging to affected persons, and the Igbos in the state, curtail the excesses of the Law enforcement agencies particularly the LASMA that hid under Fashola Law to mete hardship and punishment on Lagosians and ?review Okada riders policy,” she added.

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